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Let's build a healthy waterfall/gravity bong!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Liketotoke, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. Ok so I am opening up this thread so we as a community can come together and discuss ways of how to have a healthy waterfall or gravity bong.

    I want to get away from the tinfoil + plastic bottle as it is very unhealthy, but I can't think of any alternative methods.
    I want to find one because honestly gravity bongs get you the highest out of all ways to smoke.

    So any suggestions?
    Things I can't do:
    Drill Glass. I cannot have anything suspicious as I still live with my parents (college almost next door.)
  2. The plastic from the bottle isn't doing anything to you.

    For the bowl buy a small (short) glass bowl and downstem for a bong and put it into the cap.

    Now you have a glass slider shit for your g bong.
  3. Yeah keep it plastic. I reccomend a 1 L aquafina bottle and a 1.5L aquafina bottle, its perfect size for making a g bong. Buy a little metal pipe and unscrew the bowl for it. Melt the bowl into the cap so you can just unscrew each time you want to take a hit
  4. Take a beer bottle and stick a small butter knife in it. Shake that bitch up and the bottom will come clean off. Then put a grommet in there and your bowl then voila! You're good!

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