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Lets ban all military style.....

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Ronhip, Feb 25, 2018.

  1. no, i use anarchy in its true and real meaning, like i use liberal in the classical sense. Politics has shifted the true meanings of these words along with the meaning of conservative. Again ill say it, anarchy is the abolishment of monopoly rights over a geographical region nothing more. It has nothing to do with law and order or chaos, do you think force is the best way to govern?
  2. My thoughts......
    I am highly misanthropic, you don't really want to know my thoughts.
    Survival of the fittest, sounds like the most fun though!
  3. The definition that anarchy is chaos is ridiculous, it is an narrative, an assumption that without government the people would lose their minds and chaos would erupt. An means no
    archy/archon means rulers. Simply means no rulers, or stated another way, everybody rules themselves.

    It doesn't mean there would be no law, law is merely a contract between people, which doesn't require a government.

  4. You really think the United States is going to turn into an anarchist state?
  5. It proved that a limited government did work better than anything in history though. Of course when we started contracting outside the constitution with elastic currency things like interstate commerce rendered unlimited power.

    I kind of feel like if we are contracting outside the document then the blame for procedural stuffs should lay with the current contract. Do you feel the constitution is something we should try again someday soon?
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  6. I think we should.

    But, I think we need to do an exhaustive historical study to figure out how/where we went wrong and try to safegaurd against those violations. I am an anarchist but I realize people are not ready for that so a highly decentralized model would be great and give people the confidence that we would be fine without a government altogether.

  7. I think you're chasing dragons tbh. Humans by their very nature are tribal. The DNA links go back millions of years on those traits.
  8. There are other threads we could take this to, but I don't want to get too far off on this thread.
  9. I too believe America is by far the best nation to live in, and the constitution gives us the most freedoms ever given to a society. But i will always choose more freedom over more security in society, which in turn will grant me the best means to secure my property and myself. I think contracts work best for those who willingly sign and agree on the terms at the time. I think some of the Rights afforded by the constitution are indeed unalienable rights and only recognized by the paper, not made so by it. A document and or an agreement on negative rights is definitely a prefered foundation to a just society imho, so i have no argument against personally signing a contract like this, as for others i can't speak for them.
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  10. How things like environmental science, a space program, public health, clean water, etc. work in libertarian anarchism?
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  11. Short answer. They wouldn't.

    No centralization.

    "Hey baby, I hear the blues a-callin'
    Tossed salad and scrambled eggs.."
  12. They sure as hell would! Look at SpaceX. The private free market will create supply to feed the demand.
    Healthcare it's none of the states business to begin with so cut it out amid let the private free market sort it out and let competition lower prices and increase quality amid efficiency. The state it opposite of efficient every time.
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  13. I think if you look into it, SpaceX is heavily subsidized by the government, not to mention SpaceX uses government launch facilities and ex-government employees from the shuttle program as well as 70 years worth of government sponsored rocket technologies and research.
  14. Instead of centralization how about cooperation?

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  15. How about states rights like the constitution intended?
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  16. That would definitely be many steps in the optimum direction.

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  17. True that. Some contracts we use are obvious. Like your drivers license for example. You have a right to travel affirmed by the supreme court as reserved and not expressed. Yet we all sign our license that converts this right to a privilege...and bounds you to an outside contract to pay fines and arbitrate in non article 3 courts ect...

    This is why our tax returns must bear signature as well.

    When I read the constitution, to me the traffic and tax courts seem to fall under the military tribunal section.

    Some of these contracts seem to be implied. Implied consent is the way to go.
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  18. Again you have some kind of insane idea that humans will do the right thing.

    We're a diseased species of greedy bloodthirsty degenerates. Expecting humans to cooperate and prosper is like expecting the spider not to bite the frog... It's our nature.

    "Hey baby, I hear the blues a-callin'
    Tossed salad and scrambled eggs.."
  19. Doesn't the golden mean basiclly shape nature though? That would mean that 62% of humans will do the right thing.
  20. If you are genuinely curious I would suggest you really dive into understanding things at the most fundamental level you can. It is really hard to get answers across when people don't understand the vast stifling and siphoning the government does.

    Former Assistant Secretary of HUD calculated that the U.S. economy is operating at about 1%, in other words, if we optimized it we would be about 100x more efficient, it is difficult to imagine what we would do with that much more capital floating around.
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