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Lets ban all military style.....

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Ronhip, Feb 25, 2018.

  1. That's a single action revolver, no?
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  2. Fair and honest enough.

    So let me ask, if I may, do you not support peoples right to be able to defend themselves against their own government? I realize many people think the government would never turn on the people, or that specific guns would be ineffectual, but on principle how would you answer that?

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  3. Bravissimo
  4. LOL could be I just looked for a revolver and wasn't to concerned if it was a single or double action. My Bad.
    My net connection is dragging ass and I got tired of waiting for the next set of bloody picture to crawl down my screen a line at a time.
  5. I was just ribbing ya. You made a solid point. I have speed loaders for my 357.
  6. The US warfare programs have a lot to answer for.
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  7. And the order followers are lawfully responsible for their actions just as the order givers.

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  8. In principal, sure. But as you know, I find other things, like public safety, more important. I guess the deciding factor for me in relation to all policy is, where is the credible threat.
  9. I appreciate it.

    Looking back throughout history we find that governments are the biggest threat to your average person, do you think we have crossed some threshold that history is no longer relevant in forecasting the possibilities of what the future likely has in store for us? I ask this because we can look back even in the past century and see perhaps the most egregious violations and mass murders of people were carried out after the population was disarmed.

    Also, you cite "credible threat" as your deciding factor, that seems dangerous to me, the SJW types view the right as a credible threat and would love to violate free speech just to silence them.

    Thanks again for the civil discussion (more like interrogation ehh?)
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  10. Government gives structure. As a race where not at a point where we can govern our selves.

    Take the money out of politics and the rats will bail. Power and money are never a good mix

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    Tossed salad and scrambled eggs.."
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  11. The whole war on drugs was a money ploy, the military budhet is a money ploy. You have med companies and tobacco companies felating politicians because they can.
    It's disgusting.

    "Hey baby, I hear the blues a-callin'
    Tossed salad and scrambled eggs.."
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  12. Really? You think we're not capable of looking after ourselves and need politicians to make decisions for us?
  13. I can see his point but I don't grant it. I suspect that the nanny role of government leads to dependent children rather than justifying the government because the children were dependent prior. In fact America was built by independent people, peoole who left their families and countries and set off to start new lives.

  14. We need the role of government.
    We also need the rule of law. Without law and government Anarchy would rule the land.
    To much goverment would be Tyanny.

    There's a fine line between

    Anarchy and Tyranny

    With that being said we need less government and less laws.
    We are on the side of Tyranny.

    If you were to put a line a piece of paper and put Anarchy on the left and Tyranny on the right.
    I would view it as we are pretty close to 65 to 75%. Tyanny

    Too much government interfering in our lives too much law to take away our rights.

    As Americans and Free People define in our golden documents of Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
    We are not supposed to be a repressed people.
    Freedom of speech is golden without that. I believe our country would fail and without the right to bear arms we can't defend ourselves against foreign Invaders or domestic or anybody.
    America broke away from England and our forefathers had a vision and it's not in the direction we're headed right now we were supposed to be a Democratic Republic a republic of people that take care of ourselves for the most part.
    To be lightly governed.
    We are now being heavy-handed by our government.

    History tells all. We are not by any means past the point in history where history means nothing. History always repeats itself.

    All you got to do is see the writing on the wall.

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  15. Trickle up economics?
  16. When if at any time was the government that perfect mix or close to it? Anarchy is not what you think it is.

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  17. Yes Anarchy is what I think it is and tyranny is what I think it is and yes we need to be in between absolutely

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  18. Agreed. These people think anarchy is our edgy lord and saviour but people are far too stupid for it to work.

    "Hey baby, I hear the blues a-callin'
    Tossed salad and scrambled eggs.."
  19. There is never been a time in the world where government has been perfect.
    let's be clear no one said government was perfect but tyranny is definitely not where I want to be at dictatorship is not where I want to be at we need to be less but Anarchy is definitely not the answer lawlessness is definitely not the answer. Socialism is definitely not the answer we are Republic and that is that we have a right to be free free men and free women.

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  20. So when blacks and women had no rights? When?

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