LetGo is a terrible app and no sane person should ever use it.

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  1. The pure amount of aggravation and bs iv'e had in the several months iv'e owned this app has given me a seething new hatred for people.

    Everything from obvious scams asking you to mail out of state for bogus checks to flaky buyers who never show up or even respond back to you after they express interest in your item. Iv'e even had someone in my town demand i mail after giving him my adress to pick up. And another lady who had me put some things on hold for 3 days then turns around and tells me nevermind. That kind of behaviour is all to common place on this trash app.

    Combine that all with the people who's paychecks somehow always end up coming a week after they said they were getting paid and still want you to hold it and the assholes who think your their own personal fedex service and youve got a toxic brew of the worst humanity has to offer.

    Want some good advice? stick to craigslist
  2. I understand your frustration but that sort of stuff is just 'par for the course' when it comes to those sort apps/websites.

    In my experience Craigslist isn't that much different.
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  3. what about the craigslist killer? is there a letgo killer?
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  4. At least with craigslist People actually show up more often than not and dont treat the whole thing like it's amazon prime.
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  5. In my town Craigslist is the shiiiiiit. Always end up buying new shit for cheap or sellin my old shit with ease.
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  6. I throw all my old shit in the garbage now
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  7. Right, because nothin' bad comes out of Craigslist.:coolalt:
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  8. I'll stick with CGL. Thanks for the heads up...was thinking about trying a few new apps.

    I'm glad I'm at the point where I don't exactly NEED the money...b/c I can just bump and field emails/texts at my leisure. Yes my price is FIRM. Yes it's good deal. If you are flipping this on Ebay you are making 30% after fees. No I will NOT drive to you. No I don't do trades. etc. etc.

    What's really annoying is buying these days. Lot of dumdums thinking that just because amazon/ebay says their item is $40 then that's all they can accept for it. It's worth this much man on ebay, so I'm FIRM.

    What they don't seem to realize is there are fees/market fluctuations/return policies for sellers. and that there are buying protections for broken item/misrepresentation for buyers.

    Getting frustating, because there's SOOO much less money with all these apps now.
  9. I will use cl for buying car parts. I've had many deals thet worked out. I meet them half way an there is no problem. I don't know much about letgo.
  10. I've used them all and had equal success, it just depends on how determined you are to sell your item.
  11. Determination dosent mean a whole lot when the buyers cant commit to a sale worth a damn.
  12. That's the whole point of being determined to sale, not all buyers are going to show up....You have to keep trying, unless you're trying to unload junk like 99% of the people on those apps.
  13. What if 99% of buyers dont show up or respond? See where im going with this?
  14. Cant go wrong with craigslist especially as a seller as long as you have some common sense, and dont respond to any texts or emails or accept any money orders or checks from john smith thats currently overseas in germany handling business who is going to send a "courier" to pick up said item.
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  15. CL is definitely the way to go.
    you gotta meet up in public to sell shit through CL. i think only bad things happen to people trying to get laid on there lol
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    Oh really? I think it depends on what you sell and what app you use. Half of a year ago I found in storage room old vintage sewing machine. It looked really beautiful and antique. I consider the machine was left from one of my grandmothers. I tried to find some collectors of antiques but it was quite hard. Seems like people are less and less are interested in old stuff. However, I really needed money so I started to look for some other ways to sell the sewing machine. Finally I found a nice app. So when it's the question to offerup vs letgo, I decided to offerup of course.
  17. Whats an “App”?
  18. Absolutely none of that is because of the app. I have sold on Craigslist,Facebook, eBay, and Amazon and there are bad customers everywhere. Today the only place I sell stuff is Amazon because of bad experiences everywhere else. I absolutely refuse to sell on any classified site for the same reasons you listed. No app or service is going to eliminate them because customers are the problem, not the sales platform.

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