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  1. There is a catching mechanism that keeps you out of the flow. As your stream of consciousness flows naturally, you normally "catch" yourself, and try to interpret your naturally flowing thoughts in terms of what you think is realistic. It's funny, you sort of translate your natural thoughts, in order to clarify its meaning to ensure it says what you believe you really think. This stream of consciousness, it's an interesting thing. It's not about thinking, and it's not about not thinking. It's not about being right, and it's not about being realistic. You see, thoughts, words, people, things; these are all in flux, constantly morphing into each others forms. Nothing can be hidden, or made to go away; it will just transform, and re-appear in new clothing. Allow your naturally flowing creativity to roam free! It is beautiful, and when you let it flow it will shine brightly, and you will find peace, love, and joy in abundance.
  2. I used to "catch" myself all the time. Then I realized that "I" am not the "conscious designer" of all my thoughts. And I became an "observer" of my thoughts, seeing them from a 3rd person perspective. I also realize that I am not "responsible" for all my thoughts, as some seem to come from random signals in the brain, like when I'm about to fall asleep.

    Realizing this has helped me achieve peace with myself at times, and I am grateful for it. It is something that I have to keep reminding myself, as I tend to "catch" myself often, even to this day.
  3. Journey, are you a musician of any kind?
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    I relate much to these posts. I know this 'flow'. An experience of love, peace, joy, positive thoughts. Its like the information that enters my mind through music, others speaking, words is transformed into an understanding. It is like observing your own thoughts. The connections made from the source media to my thoughts happen so fast and instant that it gets to the point where my emotion of love takes over. I get caught up in the 'flow' and remind myself that my thoughts are not perfect and everything will not make sense. I find it really difficult to keep these thoughts if I'm not high. Both of you have explained it better then I could ever. I can;t explain it, but believe me I know exactly what this experience is.

  5. Well, I love music, and have written quite a bit of lyrics that I really like(though I haven't recently, but I'm sure I will start again soon). I also have a good sense of rhythm. That being said, I haven't yet made any music music yet, like with the beat/music on top of the lyrics. I would love to do that, though. Just hasn't happened, yet anyways.
  6. How did you get "liked" twice by the same user? :confused::confused:
  7. the portal is opened....


  8. :laughing: Oh my. That really made me laugh :D
  9. cant u feel it, man?
  10. Yea. Things have been improving for a bit now, but last night and today I just feel...incredible. It's amazing how it all comes together. Do you think it has something to do with some global thing?
  11. global conscious, cosmic energy, somehting. but ye :D
  12. Im really curious to know what you think about free will, Journey. More specifically, where do our thoughts come from?
  13. little electrical pulses inside your mind
  14. Thinking out loud is all this is......

    Seemless information

  15. so that would imply we don't have free will, unless there's some unknown force from outside the physical realm

  16. Journey reminds me of Rumi, the 13th century sufi poet.

    So eloquently spiritual, transforming complex epiphanies to vernacular with poetic prose while keeping the truth accessible to normal folk.
    Rumi may be more poetic but,
    The Journey is a wise man.
  17. The mind floeth as the mind pleaseth.

  18. So weird, I had never heard of this guy, and now he keeps getting mentioned to me...like 3 times in the past week, being the first 3 times I had ever heard of him. Talk about synchronicity!

    But I appreciate it! :D
  19. Simply put, we are energy in motion. But a change in note in the universe's symphony. Think about every breath you take and the chemical reactions that happen as a result. Atoms are constantly rearranging into a more entropic universe. So be one with this energy, and one with the life flow.

  20. :smoke:

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