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  1. Ok, what I'm going to talk about will most definately conflict with some peoples views. They will not believe it, or will think its all baloney. Thats fine, I'm not here to convince you, I'm just heard to spread on the word that has been spread to me by those wonerful beings ( I hope to see you again soon, its been so long ). What you choose to do about what I'm going to say will be up to you. Please don't ask for dates I do not know. If you have any questions I will answer them to the best of my ability. I'm not trying to install fear in you, but this is what I firmly believe, and is what I have been shown by intelligences far beyond ours.
    Within the next while ( My best guess is 2 years, but I do not know the dates, its only a guess based on current events going on in the world, and past predictions, and predictions by people thousands of years ago, and what I've have been shown by intelligences far beyond ours ). Odds are you'll label me as a lier, and a false prophet ( I really hope I am, I truly truly do, and that this is nothing more then evil intelligences messing with my brain. I really hope it is )
    Anyways where to begin..........
    Well it started in the summer of 2010 with me witnessing an alien space craft. That was a very wierd night to say the least. Before that I had believed in other intelligences out in the ever so amazing universe, but I never really believed ( if that makes any sense to you ). After seeing the spacecraft, and feeling what I felt that night my life was changed forever and my beliefs were set in stone.

    Nothing happened for a few months until mid february when I started to astral project. Instantly I knew what I was seeing had to due with the spacecraft ( I also believe I was abducted ). I saw my self on a table ( from my perspective ) and aliens moving around me. I saw aliens in my AP visions.
    One night I didn't see anything so I decided to sleep. As I was falling alseep I went into sleep paralysis, and a golden orb was spinning around and flew, smacked me right above my nose ( the third eye location ? ) and the force of the impact shot me out of my bed, and onto the floor next to it ( I shit you not ) After several more wierd occurences ( I can't remember them but I know something happened ) I was finally shown my last AP vision I've had ( Every time i try to AP, I pass out and wake up the next day, as if 8 hours passed in 5 seconds. Maybe I was just in an extremely meditative state? )
    It goes like this:

    Before I started my AP that night I asked if there any beings out there, if they could manifest/present themselves in what ever way was safe for them.
    After about a minute ( i think, maybe less ) of not seeing anything other then random colours, my whole vision turned a brick colour. Instantly I knew something was different, it just felt.... so real. I asked for my vision to pull out. It pulled out and I saw the ruins of a very large building ( something like the empire state building. Just so you can grasp the size ) except I only saw one section of a wall, that rose I'm guessing 4 or 5 stories???

    But the bricks were huge, so I could tell it was the remains of a larger building. I asked to pull out even more, and I saw the remains of a ruined city ( and I think a person on one of the bricks? I still remain unsure about that. ) After that it kept pulling out on its own, and I saw the top of a dome shaped cloud. It pulled out even more until I saw the earth floating in space. But there were TONS of mushroom clouds ( nuclear bomb explosions ) coming off the earth.

    After the clouds settled down the earth was there, but it was covered in an ashy haze ( My guess is nuclear winter ). However it then exploded, and after a bit was put back together. After this happened I asked it reverse and I saw the earth, except it was hollow ( don't know if that means anything, just something I would like to share ). After this I passed out.

    When I passed out I had my AP music playing, however I awoke sometime in the middle of the night to a very wierd frequency noise like woo-woo-woo-woo but it was LOUD AS A JET ENGINE. It was so loud. I noticed a wierd blur above the pillow that I don't use to sleep on. This startled me and I jumped back abit. I turned my gaze towards my door and there were 1-3 aliens in my doorway.

    1 in full figure ( Kind of like "the greys" but more short, and pointier heads. ) one was half covered by a wierd dark neon-green glowing pillar, and one had just its head sticking out. They all seemed extremely pleased to see me, and were waving. Almost as if they had been waiting a long time. I then passed out. That was the last of my AP visions.
    here is my warning:
    Sometime in the very distant future ( my best guess is within 1-2 years, maybe even this year. I simply do not know the date. ) There will be a total nuclear exchange between all countries that have nukes, or a large enough nuclear exchange between 2 countries to plunge the world into nuclear war.
    There will be mass amounts of death, and the world will completely change.

    If I were you I would enjoy every single day you have on this earth while you can because it will all be wiped away. Its also in your best interest to prepare for this ( simply have a large bag [ those ones hikers used ] filled with neccesary clothes, water, and enough food for 3 or so days survival [ remember you can survive without food for awhile, but not without water, so conserve the food when the time time comes. Don't eat three meals a day, 1 meal, maybe 2 ] ).

    I do not know if we all will ascend after this, I do not even know if any of the human race will ascend. But it is my strong belief based on recent events in my life, what i've seen, and the current global situation. Also I strongly believe the cause of the war won't be in the west, but in the middle east ( even prophets from the past have said this )

    If you look at the current situation in the middle east it is, by every day, becoming worse and worse. just today the Pakistani chief general said he doesn't support pakistans "No-first use" policy on nuclear arms. That means they won't be the first to use them. Pretty much think M.A.D (Mutually Assured[not sure about this word] Destruction) between the US and Ruskies.

    The middle east is becoming more and more violent. And TPTB ( the powers that be, including the western ones. ) are finally realizing their jig is up.
  2. In, as long as it's quick.

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  3. Also I do not know what will happen, All I'm trying to warn is that there will be a war, and you should try to be prepared for it. I don't know if any higher beings will come and save us, these questions I simply do not know. All i know is what I have stated )
  4. Does this make you the messenger of death?

    I agree with this:

    The rest, only time will tell.
  5. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5hfYJsQAhl0]YouTube - Billy Madison - Ultimate Insult (Academic Decathlon)[/ame]

    but really...you have to be kidding me
  6. Whoa.

    That's a bad azz story man. I sometimes wish I could have some encounter with aliens :/
  7. I think anyone who s aware of the state of humanity can agree we are heading to disaster.
  8. Astral projection is merely your brain trying to interpret a dream while awake. The brain is a pretty powerful tool. I believe that you actually saw a ufo and you became interested in aliens and the like so you did a lot of research and thought about it a lot. Then when you astral projected and had sleep paralysis, that is what your brain was telling you because you already believed in it. Not trying to label you off as a nut or anything. I've had plenty of near astral projections(although not a full blown one, so I can't really comment on that aspect) and at first I thought wow there really is something out there. But no I don't think there is. There has been plenty of studies on AP and science says that they are not real. I mean nothing is set in stone so who knows what tomorrow will bring?
  9. hi mate , im with u on life in our amazing universe ( seems impossible that there isnt ) but i think u need a break from the ganga !
  10. You just some lunatic who wants anal probes and frozen butter put up their ass, aren't you?
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  12. i get the anal probe jibe but whats with the frozen butter?
  13. its from another thread... kinda funny actually

  14. Well sir, you can!
    Meditate, astral project. If you would like to know more send me a PM and i'd be more then happy to help you out.
    ANYONE can contact aliens!!!!! you just need to meditate and or astral poject.
  15. I dont beleive this, but I couldnt call this guy a liar. Simply becuase not many people would put that much detail into a lie. Hes either crazy or telling the truth. I beleive in aliens man totally.

    I have my own theories on this matter, but i wont go into those. Well see how it plays out.
  16. Discussion of LSD belongs on other forums
  17. I gotta say man that was one rediculous post.

    Maybe lay off the butter for a bit
  18. FUCCCCCKKKK.....IT better not happen atleast for 3-5 more years.I've got too much shit I've gotta do before the world can end,goddamn it!
  19. u still got weed up ur butt op?

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