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Let them pick and choose the regulations, they said...

Discussion in 'Marijuana News from The USA' started by dabs710, Feb 23, 2018.

  1. https://cannabisnow.com/ca-pot-farmers-shut-out-of-legal-economy-by-laws-not-oversupply/

    I was willing to give Prop 64 a chance, because I knew the way it was pushed it was going to pass no matter what, but the whole time I knew these shitty regulations were going to make things a fat mess and would affect many.

    They said the Prop 215 wild west is bad and we needed more regulations. We didn't. They're making the mess, things were working just fine before.

    Where are you guys who used to argue with me for years?

    It's crickets chirping now.

    Prop 64 is a disaster in motion. I knew this ages ago simply by looking at the legal text of the proposition.

    The state and greedy fucks thought they could get away with shutting everyone out and investing in a few giant farms that push out mids and boof all day to a few big stores in major areas, tax the living hell out of it, and thought everything would work out fine.

    Haha... ha...
  2. The only oversupply we have in the state of California is an oversupply of boof from all these crappy farmers coming in with giant operations, that's often shipped out of state because it couldn't be sold here.

    There is no oversupply of dank.
  3. There's a lot of problems in the world and having too much weed may be one of the best to have
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  4. that makes me think of crappy brick weed and trying to figure out a way to make something out of it.... first off- concentrate it ( just concentrating shit that is already there)... that did not work because even concentrated was still shit! OK, that was pretty much it... you could not smoke enough joints to get off and not able to make anything from it is pure shit man! a waste... and it is being promoted as Wal Weed, which will be pure shit like brick weed

    in other words a boat load full of that shit would be a waste and headache prone...
  5. Like it or not, its what we're stuck with.
    The only reason it's still hard to get is because of the backwards ass civic and county governments deciding they don't want it in their respective towns, cities and counties.
    For instance, you can have a storefront adult use dispensary in San Bernardino city but not in Hesperia, Apple Valley or Victorville.
    And none in any unincorporated areas of San Bernardino county.
    So all taxes and benefits from the taxation of cannabis goes only to San Bernardino city. A good amount of the bud is grown in Adelanto. Is the city of Adelanto getting any tax benefits? Aside from their permit and licensing fees?
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  6. I highly doubt nearly any California grown weed by someone who has even half a clue what they're doing with half good genetics would be that bad. Shit weed like that comes from people who literally put minimal effort into simply keeping the plant alive.
  7. Californian here, the market is full of eagle 20 and avid-sprayed garbage flooding the market with shit they grow in mass, in recent years, when they have hardly a clue what they're really selling, just trying to make a quick buck. california does not have an excessive amount of quality weed. that crap is expensive and being sold as $70 - $125 / gram oil. we have an excessive amount of commercial trash weed and mids, most of the shit sold at these over priced, over taxed rec stores anyway is a bunch of machine trimmed mids and mediocre strains that taste like vegetable oil, chlorophyll, cinnamon, cloves, and rotten garlic. i have no interest in shopping at these places ever.

    the state will not help the situation by licensing only a few of these same types of big money, investor-type of commercial growers.

    the street weed i used to buy in high school and early college about 10 years ago was better than most of the crap i see being sold now.

    black market's about to explode.
  8. I haven't been around the available weed any longer than the last six months, after a hiatus of about 30 years.

    These days, I'm averaging a joint every couple of days of much better weed on a consistent basis than what I used to get off the street in the 60's and 70's. I'm approaching the stage where my taste for particular strains will be more discriminating, but right now I feel like I died and went to weed heaven. Last week I went to 4 different dispensaries in Sacramento area looking for a specific product whose advertising had me on a real (albeit unsuccessful) quest. Though I'll take your word that the current level of quality isn't what we would like, but I'm happy because if I don't like what I can get at one dispensary, I have about six or more other locations to visit in my own city. Next week I'm heading to the San Francisco area, where the prices are a tad higher, but where the buyers expect and (hopefully) get better choices.
  9. Well I stand corrected I guess. Just speculating since I find it surprising that people can suck so much at growing weed lol. People need to grow their own or spend their money to those who deserve it. Let the free market take care of the people peddling dirt weed.
  10. i'd take now over 60s and 70s for sure, i guess i've just been in the middle of everything when it was really good, and while I acknowledge there are some benefits we have now after legalization we didn't have before, I'm weighing in the bad compared to before and it's sticking out like a sore thumb. i'm glad you're enjoying the cannabis more now.
  11. I find it surprising too how many lazy and greedy growers there are, but they're most of them for sure.

    I figure the free market will eventually take it's course and hopefully steer things in a better direction. After seeing what I've seen, I will never not grow my own again.
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  12. Why's that?
  13. #14 dabs710, Feb 27, 2018
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2018
    when you yield a little under a pound and a half (about a gram per watt) of top quality nugs that weren't sprayed with anything gross like most weed that is contaminated with Eagle 20, Avid, Forbid, PGRs, powdery mildew, etc, and you yield .9 - 1 gram of oil per 3.5 grams of bud that you would purchase from shops for 70-100$ per gram (or more in some cases), costed me approx $150 worth of electricity and most of my other supplies are permanent, and you also take the risk of buying something that you eventually throw in the garbage because it makes you feel like so terrible instead of good, buying weed from these overpriced, overregulated shops that you drive forever to go to sounds stupid. if i'm dealing with anyone now, it's other growers that i respect with their growing practices.
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  14. Have you heard about what's going on in Oregon? I'm from CA, work in the industry, but Oregon is a NIGHTMARE compared to California. I work for a company that sells cannabis real estate and Oregon is completely oversaturated with growers. It's getting near impossible to sell any property out there for cultivation because no one wants to compete with that many growers. CA has been doing a way better job and instituting licensing caps but there's so much new infrastructure that needs to be established in this industry it will inevitably have it's growing pains.
  15. I live in Washington and most the good bud that's on the market is way too expensive but there is plenty of cheap shit to go around. However its still illegal to grow recreational cannabis here because they want you to pay tax it by still punishing growers. I grow anyways because fuck em. I don't a give a flying shit. Corrupt fucks only legalizing for the money and not safety.
  16. this is only a concern if you grow a bunch of boof or mids like a bunch of Oregon growers seemingly do. people who grow fire are still getting $2-3 K / unit.
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