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Let the feud begin!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Oct 2, 2003.


Should GWB be re-elected

  1. Yes he is a great pres

    0 vote(s)
  2. Fuck him and his buddies

    0 vote(s)
  3. Should we re-elect Bill (blowjob) Clinton??

    0 vote(s)
  4. Gore for 2004

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  1. Well now what have we here.. A new feud for political gain..

    Simple question that needs detail answers..

    Should George W. Bush I mean Bitch be re-elected? You may elaberate if you wish..
  2. That guy is a shithead to the hundreth degree. I still won't call him our president, and I will most likely forget he ever stayed in the White House after a few years.

    Fuck that asshole.
  3. I changed the poll a little and added Clinton and Gore!

  4. agreed.

    can we throw all members of the PNAC into an international court for trial and sentencing?

    and Blair too.
  5. All we need to do is build a jail around the whitehouse while they're not looking. Just leave Dubya to his courvoisier and oil buddies and he'll never notice.
  6. umm bud head do you realize that clinton cant be elected again, and that gore isnt running? also, what does this have to do with smoking and usage?
  7. It doesn't matter that clinton can't be pres again or that gore isn't running.. I just want peoples opinions..

    This is seasoned tokers.. As a seasoned toker I want to know from seasoned tokers..

  8. Now thats a damn good idea IMO!!!!
  9. Out of all of them I would pick clinton tbh...I mean...sheesh he cheated on his wife and lied about it...I know many an american who has done so. The important thing is he did the decent thing and kept america out of pointless oil wars and the economy was actually quite decent. Ask yourself, do you think 9/11 would have happned had gore been elected? Probably, but then again maybe not, alot more radicalists hate bush than gore, due to his father and other pointless things, and they have less love for him now after the iraq and afghanistan thing.

    I think if bush is re-elected, there will be another tragic event similar to 9/11...I pray not, but hes done so much the first time around, whos to say he wont do worse and piss off those with money to throw around...
  10. hmmm, well i know i wouldn't vote for ambusher. maybe *whispers*Gore. lol. i didn't like him at first but after awhile he kinda grew on me. but....i really don't know him politically. i don't know what he stands for really. so i guess i shouldn't vote for Gore either. idk, i just smoked a joint!
  11. oh yeah, Clinton kept us out of pointless wars .. (Kosovo.. that is all).. yeah right. they should both be in jail, and tommy chong for pres. haha.
  12. I never, ever, ever thought I would say this but.... Bill Clinton was the man. The economy rocked and rolled under him and money flowed like water. Yes he cheated on his "wife" but its a hush-hush secret that Hillary is a closet lesbian and doesn't sleep with Old Bill. Can't blame a man for looking for love when there's none at home. And yes, he lied about sleeping around, but what man in the USA hasn't ever done that.

    So who to vote for in 2004??.... The ex-general Wesley Clark, he's Clinton's puppet at the end of a string.

    Would you re-elect GWB? Remember He put brown-shirt wearing Nazi Ashcroft in power, and I won't forget that.
  13. alright, i voted fuck him and his buddies. cuz they all lie full of bullshit.
  14. I voted Bill he got him some in the Oval office... thats so funny.

  15. That sounds fair to me.. And you are right he had the economy booming!!!!

    Who voted to re-elect Bush.. There is no post of why..

  16. the hunt is on lol:D!
  17. i voted for bush. why? because the guy is really smart, he knows what the world needs.

    .... hahah.. ok ok... i couldnt keep that joke running for long. there's really just nothing you can say good about him.

    i wasnt a massive fan of Clinton at the time... but looking around he's the best US pres i've ever known in my lifetime, and definately top three for all the ones i know of from last century. Sure he was no angel (and i'm not referring to the "scandal" with M.L., that has fuck all to do with ones ability to be president), he did his fair share of underhanded tricks as one side of his foriegn policies, but the other side is, at least he was engaged in a real way in the international issues, in peace processes and so on. i think maybe people forget all he achieved in favour of reccognition of the sensationalist BS that brought about his downfall.

    will we ever see a pres as good as him again?
    i doubt it. not in the near future anyway. creating fear in the masses has the ability to push people to the right. Bush's aproval rating may indeed be quite low... but in the American "Democratic" electoral system, without a clear lone powerfull popular figure to go against him, he could well get in power again. who knows what tricks the PNAC still have up their sleeves to regain popularity in teh nick of time. we know they sure have the money backing them up. remember... the PNAC think tank has been on teh go since the beggining of the 90s. they've been planning their global conquest for a long time.

    how did i vote?

    fuck 'em.

  18. i believe there are politicians out there who are in the game for the right reasons, to be in service of the people and to basically be a vessel for their wishes. unfortunately.... they are lost in the sea of bullshitters.

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