Let sleeping dogs lie?

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  1. Ok, so I was playing last night at the bar. There was a bachelorette party that came in, all fucked up, I was pretty fucked up too.. Well one of the girls was good looking but in a badass way.. Like gauged ears, tattoos. She was 29 and looked a lil aged, like one of those girls who is super stressed, on edge all the time. Only unattractive thing I seen.. Like she was talking about punching people in the face n shit, but was nice as pie to me. Wouldn't leave me alone all night, turns out she is an ex to the bartender..

    So anyway, she is hanging all over me all night, talking, laughing, wanting to go punch people.. She was talking about smoking and I was like "I got some bud, maybe it'll help calm your ass down" and she didn't punch me, so that was a good sign..

    We go into the basement (used to be a jazz bar) and smoke a bowl. Then one of her drunk friends stumbles down and was like "I am supposed to keep an eye on her and the bartender says you can't be down here" which he only said cause she was down there. I made a million other trips down there to smoke that night..

    This isn't the first time this bartender cock blocked me, he did it last weekend with the new bartender. Smoking hot girl, snake bites, tats. I still got past his block that time though. :cool:

    But anyway, the weird part of my story is this chick from last night, she added me on Myspace like 5 years ago.. We talked a lil bit, got numbers, was working on setting something up. I forget which one bailed, but one of us did (I think me and I can't remember why) and we never really talked since. I didn't realize til I woke up this morning, I have a random memory. I even remembered her last name, unless she told me when we were all drunk.. I don't have Myspace anymore, but I checked her out on FB. I don't know how well they know each other, but she is "friends" with a girl that I had at the bar last weekend..

    So now I'm thinking, should I be nice and say "hey, funny story, remember 5 years ago when you wanted to hang out with that dude from the internets? Well that's me!" or just leave this one alone?

    The bartender hooks me up with drinks, I am working on the new bartender chick, I had a mini date with one of her friends a week before, and it's just plain weird if you think about it.. Like who the fuck remembers someone they never met from 5 years ago?

    I know she will come in more since this place is just starting to get back in the groove.. I am thinking of keeping this to myself though.
  2. live life wondering 'what if'.

    its the best feeling one can have ...
  3. Lol, I played the 'what if' game with this and every scenario ends up bad.. But god damn it...
  4. I wouldn't bring it up

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