Let me tell y'all about yesterday

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by CheebaLaGanja, May 21, 2002.

  1. Alright yesterday was one of those days when you don't have pot or money but you still wanna smoke some. So my friends let's call them C and S had come over to my house with like $3 and some change i look around my room for about $2 in change then I hop into the car and we go and try to get a nick, we couldn't find our hook-ups and gave up trying to do something for the day because we are rolling later today and we're buying a 1/4 so they take me home and I just chill out at home and such. Then around 11:30 S calls me up and asks if i know where to get a bag from at this time of the evening and I said, sure. So S and C pulled up and I hopped into the car. We go and buy a bag of some really good shit that my hookup/friend was selling I mean it was killer shit. So we got that and took it to someone that C knows because they had paid for it. We get over there and we got a pretty big blunt of this shit and we leave and go to my house. We arrived at my house and sat on the porch smoking our blunt and talking about some weird shit ( it was some trippy as weed y'all ) so we're out there on the porch laughing and almost trippin off the pot. Then S moves the chair closer and I happen to glance next to S's shoe and out of nowhere I was like "I wish that was a bud" so I pick it up to examine it and sure enough it was a bud!!!! We couldn't believe it all of a sudden i bust out and say "I wish that was a bud" and there it was a bud in my hand picked up from a spot on the porch next to S's shoe where 2 minutes ago there was no bud. We laughed our ass off and after everyone examined it we were shocked because it was a real bud and we didn't know how it got there. A minute later that bud was rolled up into another blunt and we got even higher than before.

    This wasn't the most interesting or successful day but it wasn't bad and it was kind trippy so I thought I'd share it with y'all. Wasn't that weird how that bud go there? Where do y'all think it came from?
  2. That was a trip, maybe ya had a visit for the Bud-fairy!! :D: It was good luck anyway, no matter how it got there!!!

    Is it possible either C or S "pinched" a piece from your earlier scores, and dropped it by accident?? They wouldn't want to cop to it and be embarrassed!! :smoking:
  3. no C and S didnt' know where it came from either because we had just finished rolling up and smoking the last of our score i still dont know how it got there i guess it was just a little bit of good kharma coming back around our way

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