Let Me See If I Can Get Some Shit Stirred!

Discussion in 'General' started by bootbud, Apr 22, 2006.

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  1. i am so tired of handicap people! not retards, they are ok , as long as they can walk and shit in a toilet. but fucking deformed non walking wheel chair mother fuckers...dammit man who do they think they are? most that i have encountered always have an attitude and act like im in there way. shit man! im not the one thats all fucked up trying to drive a mini car through a crowded place. my bar just got hit with a citation that we arent handicap accessable, well duh! it was built in 1898. and why does some fucking vegetable in a wheel chair need to be in a bar? before this i still hated handicaps , but this is to much now. i gotta vent. even the ones that can some what talk and be cool, they still get in the way and shouldnt be in public. no one wants to look at your ugly deformed ass anyway. stay in your cave. im sorry to anyone who is deformed or has a relative thats a potato, you gotta deal with the hand you were dealt. there is no more room for crybaby give me everythings. first the muslims and now the lifeless bastards who cant even be called human. anybody agree? disagree?
  2. I think you have a pretty rude and ignorant attitude about handicap people....

    just because somones in a wheel chair doesnt make them deformed, my father was in a wheel chair for 2 years when he fucked up his leg thingy (to tired to think of what it was)

    With an atitude like yours I wouldnt be suprised to see somone take a bat to your legs so you could try it out for a while...

    grow up.
  3. I just think it\'s funny that you want them to stop being \"crybabies\", yet here you are whining like a schoolgirl about something that doesn\'t bother anyone else on Earth.
  4. Tell me you are really just trying to start shit and that isn\'t your real view.
  5. i hope you get into a car crash
  6. Well, bootbud, at least you have a chance to grow out of your ignorant attitude and to fit in with society at large. Obviously, your bar is \'mentally handicapped accessible\'; why not go all the way and make it \'physically handicapped accessible\', too? It\'s hard enough for these people to get around in the real world without having to get around your sorry assed attitude in the process. :cool:
  7. dude wat the fuck. my ex girlfriend called me two nights ago when she was in cumberland and now at UK hospital because her step father jumped off a rock into cumberland and fucked up and broke his spine and is paralyzed from the nipples down. thats not fucking funny at all or somen to make a gay ass thread on A FUCKING MARIJUANA FORUM to make fun of someone like that. thats fucking....inhuman. its arragont and ignorant.
  8. you inconsiderate fuck. this world doesn\'t revolve around you. you have to consider other people. you should feel lucky that you were born with a \"normal\" working body, and you shouldn\'t condemn others for something they can\'t help. and to even suggest the idea that all the handicapped go live in a cave? you are out of your mind...
  9. This thread has no place in our City.
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