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  1. sooo i need some help once again. When i transplanted i didnt think ahead and relized once i was done that i left a few inches of pot un-used. I dont want to replant in another container but i do wish i used more soil so it has a few more inches of downward growth. It does have a bit of a stretch where it wasnt getting enough light, can i put soil ontop and the stem will root out after awhile? or will i suffocate the plant? OR should i just work the root ball out and put soil on the bottom then replant ontop? hope yall understand that heres some pics

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  2. i hate to bump again but i would like to do this asap
  3. I would pull it up and thro some soil underneath it. I moved mine for one of those to a 3 gallon pot and the hole thing was a root ball. When i had to pull the males in flowering the whole 3 gallon bucket was one root ball of soil. So yes they will need more soil love
  4. Shit so I should probably go to a 3 gal huh
  5. that isn't a very big pot to begin with. You should be planing on puting it in a bigger pot anyway [3-5 gallon]. In this case, I would just put some dirt on top or leave it as it is till then. If you plan on leaving it in that small pot and keeping a small plant then might as well pull the whole clump of dirt out and put some in the bottom for all you can get.

    Either way, If the root ball is at the bottom the roots will grow up if they cant grow down. They will get tightly packed at the bottom then have no choice but to grow up. As long as they have this room to grow then you have no issues. It's no different then if the roots found a big rock in the ground and had to go around it.
  6. I'm thinkin now I should move to a 3 gallon.....thanks guys

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