Let Me Live My Life

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  1. I wrote this poem a few nights ago, and I would appreciate any feedback.

    Basically it is about the old days when I used to smoke with my best buddy.

    Let Me Live My Life

    Take your finger,
    Now plug the hole,
    Don't let smoke linger,
    Just let it roll

    It's a pretty sight,
    Watching it float,
    Now to my delight,
    It's inside my throat

    The sensation is endless,
    I'm smoking in style,
    And living in bliss,
    Hope it lasts for a while

    Driving with friends,
    And some Dre Dog songs,
    This day cannot end,
    Please last all day long

    A beautiful evening,
    I'm thinking a lot,
    My thoughts depening,
    It's decided: I love pot

    This simple rhyme,
    Cannot explain,
    How such great times,
    Can end in pain

    I was finally done,
    All good things die,
    No more harmless fun,
    I just can't see why

    This is not a drug,
    Just a simple herb,
    Now I'm in a hole I dug,
    People are just disturbed

    Let me live my life.

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