Let me live in your tree.

Discussion in 'General' started by rainbowsunshine, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. I need a new home. Mine is cold, and overwhelmed with intoxicated idiots 24/7. I need a tree, a big one. Would prefer if you made me a nice tree house, or a tarp to keep the bugs away. I will feed the squirrels with my left over peanuts. They will in turn mow your lawn with their teeth. I train squirrels you see. :hello:

  2. Lol.
    Ok Michael Jackson....

    ''Don't you like to climb treeeee's??''

    Mi tree is Su Tree.

    But stay out of my JAR of trees.
  3. I'd take a tree over my hell of a living situation any day.
  4. I've never really been in a tree, in which I could sleep comfortably...

    How bout my couch? ;)

    I've always wanted a personal squirrel trainer.
  5. come over to chicago...i got a nice warm home for ya.:smoking:
  6. Duuude I totally got a big ass tree in my front yard, that you can live in. I think that would be so awesome, I would give you a bow and arrow to shoot invader's to my territory! and ya, im way too lazy to build a treehouse, but you can def have a tarp lol
  7. It better be warm.

    Chicago is F'in cold, son.
  8. I don't want a home, just a modest bungalow in the treetops.
    couch is unnecessary, I have a sleeping bag that is comfort enough for a queen.
  9. ...mites.
  10. How do you intend to use your sleeping bag, upon a tree-limb-bungalow?
  11. I will leave the building of a the tree up to the person who lets me live in it.
  12. Ok, I have a fully converted 3 level, open plan bunya-pine bungalow. The current tenants are possums but they're very racist so unless you're an Australian Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, they'll probably just leave blaming you for 'ruining the neighborhood.'
    So the bungalow is yours if you want it. May have some belgian backpackers at some point over christmas, but they're a pleasure to live with...
  13. I really don't like opossums. And I think I have changed my mind.

    After a few hours looking over craigslist, "men seeking women" ads in varies cities across the US... I think I need to live in colorado. Oh hot damn, yes I do.

    anyone have a tree in colorado I can live in?
    if it's cold, I can bring snowpants.
  14. we have a guest room, and a hay loft. which would you prefer? I could helpl you build that tree fort, though. We've got the trees to do it, and it would be great fun.:)
  15. folk in Oregon don't really like me much. i always mispronounce it or something.
  16. I hate oregano.
  17. is it pronounced like, "or-e-gan" or "or-oh-gone"
  18. Or-uh-gin....not gin like the liquior, g in like go.

    you know you wanna move to my house and build a tree frort with me. I've always wanted one since I was a little boy. I think we could get some good use out of it when we get it finished. :D
  19. I can make a bomb snowfort... but I fall short in the tree fort building skills.

  20. my dad can help. he's quite knowledgable in that debt. I Bet we could get electricity out there. plus, my father and I like to bond, and he'll be in an extrea good mood, since it's for a girl and I and not one of my stupid friends that he's helping. if all else fails, we can just sleep in my room. It's a queen size bed, so it should fit both of us.

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