Let me just facepalm myself to death

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  1. So let me give you a brief background on who I am...I never hold down a relationship, and when I do, I cheat. I had everything going just how I wanted it, getting pussy pussy pussy. Then I moved, and had to slowly re-establish my friendship basis, and it's been going pretty bad. Regardless, I never thought I'd pull off a relationship, but finally I met this girl about a week ago, we met through another friend, so went out to eat, and then back to my friends house to play some Xbox. (She loves playing games, and that shit blew my fucking mind as well as my load. Not only does she play, but she was pretty god damn good.)

    Second date we went out to an art show, with her friend, my friend, her and I. That was fun, we had a great night out on the club town scene, had our goodnight kiss and split our ways. (Mind you, I was really trying to take it slow for once, because by a second date before, if things we're going much faster my way then I was not a happy puppy.) My friend told me how lucky he thought I was to have found a girl that's into all the same things I am, as was I. I mean, I was absolutely ecstatic.

    Finally, yesterday I went over to her place, and we swam for a few hours, and played some more games, had a blast, and still, I made no moves, because as I was to understand, she was not the kind of girl that was just going to start throwing sex around. Whatever, sex means nothing to me, but she's one of those, and I was actually ok with that..Well, I damn well wish I hadn't been ok with that, and cut my ties at the time.

    Today, she was coming to my neck of the woods, they were eating at some cafe (Her and a bunch of friends) I told her that I'd catch up with them after I got done with the gym. I had already taken all my Test-Boosters and there was no turning back and not pumping iron today. After that, I grabbed a shower, called her and she said that they were headed to the mall. I got a quick shower, cleaned up nicely, and was ready to impress the new friends, but about half way there I get the text "We're leavin in about 10 mins." So I told her that I was just going to turn around and head home, I had taken all that time to get dressed nice, and fight the 5'clock traffic to make it up there just to see her, and that kind of erked me.

    Anyway, I head over to my friends place to play some pool and cards, and I get the "I think we should just be friends text."

    Man, I read about this shit all the time for other guys, and I just got railed by this bitch? You've got to be kidding.

    Like I said, /facepalm to death. This was one of those "Can't stop thinking about her" kind of girls too. So now I'm stuck with a bitch who hates me in my head? Fantastic.

  2. dude same shit happened to me middle of last semester. actually similar guy as you too. always doing stupid shit while in relationships. so i took it slow w/ this chick, i had met her in class(first time meeting a girl in class) and went to her hosue cause she was having some party. we hooked up a bit, didn't take it to far. told me to come over the next day, we hung out on the couch, hooked up a little bit. after that, most awkward shit between us. she was just mad flaky blah blah. THe wisdom id like to pass on to you, don't get hung up on her dude. i wasted a few weeks being like what did i do wrong, what's this girls problem with me how did i fuck up? it's not worth it man, you put in the effort, didn't get what you sould have gotten back. smoke a little dank, relax and forget about brotha
  3. Wish I had the dank, instead I came home and have pounded as many brews in the shortest amount of time as possible. This really kills me though, because she was telling me how the two of us "don't click." Which I fail to understand, because we had the same interest, loved the same music, and never had one of those akward quiet moments. It was always laughter, fun, games, jokes, stories, man wtf. I even spent like fifty bucks in two days on this girl fool. God that shit kills me. If this is karma, I'm gonna find karma in a dark alley and beat it to death.
  4. totally stop talking to her. She might think you were too easy
  5. Too easy..man wtf?..Never heard that one before

  6. this.

  7. :eek: and she didn't get with you?! :eek:

    :rolleyes: it's not about the money spent, but the time had, ya dig--
    maybe you guys just clicked as friends in her eyes...

    a lot of guys overlook the way-too-nice-and-subtle hints that women drop.

    yup, women like a challange,
    plain and simple :D

  8. You really only put the thought back into my mind of how pro it is to;

    Be a dick, get the pussy.

    Be a dick, get the pussy.

    Women don't like a challenge, they like a guy to not be interested in them, and only their sexual organs, which is exactly what I'm going to go back to doing!
  9. Those hints are like surprise kicks to the gonads sometimes haha, but I'm sorta confused as ta what you mean by "way-too-nice-and-subtle", could you give a couple examples?
  10. She might have lost interest if she found out your womanizing ways.
  11. plenty other fish in the sea.

    I was a major player. and my dad constantly said this to me
    and he's right
  12. ^^ Word, word. I've just about completely let it go, besides how I do this thing in my mind where I recap all the moments from the last weeks in situations that I could have made better.

    Whatever, whatever.
  13. same thing happened to me....anyways, I think she thought you were too easy. No offense, but you should not have spent a dime on her. not after 2 dates. girls want what they cant have, they like assholes. Its the truth, they will say they dont, but thats because they dont even know it. Its just the way they are wired. Smoke some bud, and think of the reasons why it is better off left alone
  14. Or you could be misunderstanding it -- I don't think girls get turned off by people who are too "easy" or "available"; maybe she thought you were more into her more than she was into you, which would make just about anyone hesitate.
  15. It seems to happen to me that if we click too well I get friend zoned. I pretty much gauge it anymore that if we don't have at least one awkward silence I'm not getting any.
  16. Dude, you don't pay for your dates? Are things really changing this much?

    Awkward silences..man I hate those. How do you even pull out of that situation. It's just like "Surprise, you're not quick enough to think of something to hold each others attention"

    For all the guys that don't open the car door for the ladies, and don't pay for things..maybe you're getting action through this method..but I just think it's wrong since I was raised in the south. My methods seem to only work on older girls though, because they are the only ones that can appreciate it. These highschool bitches just don't understand how to get treated.
  17. \

    they get treated with my DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

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