let me introduce myself....

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by adamBC, Jul 11, 2002.

  1. this shit is old man, lol...when i saw this thread and saw the author it said he had 2000 something posts and i was like what is this stoner rambling about

    then I looked at the date, and it said its from two years ago...haha, my b
  2. judging from his post count i'd say he did =)

  3. quite a few ppl in this thread

    i dug my "village idiot" thread up not long ago too, lol
  4. i thought u ment didnt stay,

    well i dont think anyone dosnt like the city, how could u not?!
  5. awesomification

    what about Awesominity, Awesomtion, Awesomacular, Awesomage, Awesomasity, Awesomitis, Awesomtual, Awesomal, Awesomecaulous.

    go grasscity! w00t!

    .. anyone wanna go smoke?
  6. just did! but i'll have more please and thank you;)
  7. Gosh i actually remember the first time I saw this post. is this a sign i need to smoke possibly more? :)


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