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  1. These are the lyrics:


    Take a trip to market, I'm checking out some shapes,
    when I arrive to my surprise their moving.
    That one in disguise, and this ones really massive.

    Smaller than a building larger than a cage,
    twist and change and rearrange for nothing.
    That one in disguise, and this ones really massive.

    Take a trip….

    Now have a listen, you might be glad you did!


    or Cd quality - as it should be if you ask me


    So our planet may hear her children sing.
  2. Cheese? no offence but why would you want to write a song about cheese? or is it some strange metaphor for something completley different? and if it's about cheese then I'd suggest you'd experience with the cut/paste style invented by W.Burroughs. Here's some lyrics of the DM/noise project we're making at the moment

    Chained to a wall....
    Darkness is all you have...
    Echoes of distant world...
    No one to rescue you...
    You're mine...

    Slowly streching your limps
    Ripping your teeth
    Burning your flesh
    You wont die too soon...


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