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  1. One life, one mind to find what I seek, undefined,
    I waited for a sign, it took many years to realize it will never
    reach me, astounded, my life had passed before my eyes,
    no rewind button to bring back time,
    present 1999,
    I became at face to face to my first major mistake, I grew
    To be best friends with someone fake,
    It cost me $300 to make him show his true weight, misguided, but it must be fate,
    And i know all of you can relate,
    I learned much, was quick to move on though the past clinged on,
    learning from wrong is what built me up, strong,
    and the freedom to choose what you should do, since your life's at stake,
    but its underlying source, split in two, good and evil,
    mother nature vs human corruption, i placed myself in both factions,
    Fact is, nature overwhelmed me, So I try my best to forever helm myself in its plea,
    And to try to explain that in it, it will provide all that we need, but in due course,
    Greed is more often sought, some plot money over human life for temporary happiness since its immediate, the easy way out
    Some assume then that life is worth cash, pleased to be free, so determined at last, your chip stack must be massive, deceit,
    Conditioned to think so, uncommonly known that to succeed will not strictly be achieved through fame or fortune,
    It's whatever you believe in to give you a reason to find that life,
    Is definitly WORTH it if you find your own purpose,
    and for me,
    the feeling of constant bliss, so I express myself to those close with thoughfulness,
    because without TRUE friends, many will not get to the end, even righteous minds are sure to go through it,
    so i stay forever keen to be aware at all times, through bad to fair, because if i never expect it to be over,
    Change will strike, an illusive cobra,
    But my experiences, TRUE SIGHT, seem to shine through,
    and within me, illumination, to guide the ride that i must face in dark flight,
    wont stop for bait, mines thats designed to degrade my mind, I will fly on,
    mindset upon spreading knowledge, no frolic, truth fed but always close to contemplate,
    Is it right for you? The decision is yours, but I can guarantee that the truth will at times hurt, but I believe once your eyes can fully see, you will feel the essence of nonconstraint,
    The presence of being untainted is sure to be forever told, and with this, you can become the change you seeked in the world that lay at your feet, ready to unfold,
    And when I die, as long as i know that i strived for a high, that soars way past blue skies, will be unique to me,
    Then no regret shall linger through my rise to overcome lies, not surprised to find I conquered a peak yet to be,
    The word impossible dissolved, my mind to end completely in resolve, evolved,
    To find truth bids that life's a stretch, things will confer, and when it rains it pours because times become treacherous, but the world, it remains to be yours,
    Golden, if you stay true to your source,
    Nature, the force pursuing to resonate the fact, that all people are equal and chances of a sequel, unreliable,
    But undeniable that,
    Life is WEALTH,
    Allthough seemingly STEALTH,
    You always have choice,
    The one voice, lose or win,
    It wont wait,
    So when will you begin?

    any thoughts/comments? Thanks

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