Let fat people die to save the USA billions?

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  1. When ever I'm preparing a salad or making a health shake, all the fat people who every been around me when I'm making a meal of shake always say stuff like "Why do you eat all that healthy stuff?" "You should just eat whatever you want, you only live once." And I usually say something like, "Yeah, exactly, we only live once, that's why I want to live as long as possible." Then they say something like "I don't want to live till I'm 100 years old, who would who want to do that anyways?"

    Then I realized something. If those people didn't care that much about their health, then why when they get a heart attack, all of the sudden, they are pleading to god and asking if they can live? What happen to all that "Just eat whatever you want, you only live once" crap?

    Now you would think, what wrong with eating a ton a crappy food? The person is only hurting themselves right? Well, the problem is that those people end up getting on a ton of prescription medication to treat their high blood pressure and diabetes and raises the national health care debt. This hurts everyone in USA.

    Rising obesity will cost U.S. health care $344 billion a year - USATODAY.com

    "If Americans continue to pack on pounds, obesity will cost the USA about $344 billion in medical-related expenses by 2018, eating up about 21% of health-care spending, says the first analysis to estimate the future medical costs of excess weight.

    Extra weight increases the risk of diabetes, heart disease and many types of cancer."

    So, I was wondering, what if we actually let those people who say "fuck it, we only live once" die when they are suffering from their own self caused illness? Would it make people actually think twice about what they put in their mouth's? Or would their just be dead fat people all over the USA?

    My guess is that their would be dead fat people all over the USA.

    This is my Ron Paul "Let them die" side of my thinking:laughing:
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrQHcMucLVU]Republicans Tell Wolf Blitzer If Someone Does Not Buy Insurance Let Them Die - YouTube[/ame]

    I admit, this is some cold-hearted thinking.
  2. Kill stupid people first, save even more
  3. Obesity is something I dont really have a tolerance for. YOU control what YOU eat.
  4. I agree with Ron Paul. If some guy (That can afford it) decides not to pay for healthcare, he doesn't get healthcare. Its simple really.

    Instead of killing fat people..... why doesn't the government stop making wars, killing innocent brown people and taking over countries to save money?
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  5. That video is just a piece of what he said. He went on to say that when he practiced medical at the hospital, that they never turned anyone away. He also said that when someone gets hurt, they automatically go to the hospital; when in they should be treating themselves of getting help from an alternative party(such as the church or neighbor: helping out your fellow man).
    I do believe that Paul is on the right track with his views on freedom. I don't like obese people either. I don't understand how you can just let yourself go like that. Haveing said that I don't believe we should just let them die; but rather set some guidelines. Such as some kind of laws or restrictions on restraunts or get out more awareness, ect.
    Just some of my thoughts.
  6. Just let em be fat man. Fuck it.

    We live in a first world country and if people lack the self respect, and CHOOSE to be unhealthy, so be it.

    I like to think I care more about myself than that.
  7. So what are you going to do about people who are genetically predisposed to being obese? Some people just can't help that they gain weight, regardless of what they do.

  8. Those ppl are fine in my book.
  9. not only genetically predisposed but shitty parenting. they dont teach their kids how and what to eat, inevitably causing not only physical problems but psychological ones.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DH5TMCR8etc]The eat because I am unhappy cycle - YouTube[/ame]

  10. To an extent though. Let's face it, the majority of American's do not have the "fat gene". Yeah I agree with you, some people really can't help it, and I think they should be cared for. But then you get people like this:


    Whose aim is to become fat.

    That's just sickening.
  11. [quote name='"MoonBeams"']Obesity is something I dont really have a tolerance for. YOU control what YOU eat.[/quote]

    right. i highly doubt there is a 'medical disorder' that truly allows people to gain weight.

  12. *Sigh*

    Polycystic ovarian syndrome
  13. I take issue with the genetic predisposition to obesity....look at crowd scenes back in the 30s, 40s, and 50s, even into the 60s. There were few obese people then, at least not in the percentages that we have today...there also weren't hamburger joints on every corner or convenience stores filled with junk food everywhere....
  14. How do we regulate the "I'll eat whatever I want because I only live once" crowd and the ones who let their weight get out of hand and are genuinely trying to change?

    Do we have the naughty ones sign a "YOLO" form or something? :p

    And then what about other dangerous things people do because "you only live once"? Do we stop treating smokers? What about people who do extreme sports? If someone is going to risk their life by going skydiving because you only live once, then should we not treat them if they get injured? :confused_2:
  15. [quote name='"Xblunt-manX"']

    Polycystic ovarian syndrome

    and when did these 'disorders' surface?
  16. ^Well I actually heard that the burgers back then were... You know... Real meat. A burger, fries and drink would fill you up because it was real.

    Nothing is real in fast food today.

    Just what I read/saw from a documentary. I read/saw it somewhere lol. Not necessarily saying it's true.

  17. Before junk food. Seriously can you not google?
  18. And in some parts of the USA if you are a healthy weight people think you must be a metherfucker cause you are all skinny and stuff.
  19. [quote name='"Xblunt-manX"']^Well I actually heard that the burgers back then were... You know... Real meat. A burger, fries and drink would fill you up because it was real.

    Nothing is real in fast food today.

    Just what I read/saw from a documentary. I read/saw it somewhere lol. Not necessarily saying it's true.[/quote]

    so basically, the fast food places are responsible? okay, i can understand that.

    but don't these people have a choice to eat fast food or not?

    simple answer is: eat healthy, live healthy.
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    In a way it is the restaurants fault. Don't serve shit and people wouldn't be as unhealthy. But my friends family lived off of fast food. The kids couldn't really say no. He has small siblings who just ate what was put in front of them. Now if the restaurants at least had semi-healthy food, I wouldn't care as much.

    I agree. Did you think I was "for" fat people? I care about people who have a legitimate medical condition, but people who willingly let themselves get fat sicken me.

    Did you not see my post about the fattest woman in the world? It was her goal.

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