Let coco dry out after putting seed in pot?

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  1. I have read that you are not supposed to let coco dry out. I am growing autos so I planted the seed in the 3 gallon fabric pot. Do you water the whole pot or only a few ounces of water every day for the first few days around the seedling? If you do only a few ounces the rest of the pot looks very dry. I do not want to over water the seedling but I also do not want problems if the coco is dry for a few days around the edges and in the bottom of the pot from only putting a few ounces of water around the seedling or is the dry coco ok for a few days until the seedling is in the pot a few days to them water the whole pot on there?
  2. Excellent question. Id keep it in a solo cup and just make sure it never dries completely.
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  3. Thats right autoflower. WWMCD.
  4. Surely your coco is wet to start with? It does not need to be watered all over when the seed is just germinating.
  5. Thanks. The coco it is in was wet when I planted the seed then 2 days later the seedling was up but then 2 days of only watering a few ounces of water around the seedling the coco not in that little wet part is then dry on there.
  6. I just water around the seedling ...I think the roots will stay in the wet coco and air prune themselves. That’s what I’ve been told anyway.

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