Let’s discuss predictions of federal legalization

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by Greenandclean96, Nov 20, 2018.

  1. How do you all feel about the subject of federal legalization and it’s effect on the industry; and your honest opinion on when it may occur?
    Personally I think the industry would only grow if they let the growers and other workers get a good stock before the legalization date. It would be nice to see the government allow growers to branch out in a “planning period” to cut back on black market holds on areas. I also believe we’ll see some sort of federal legalization by March 2019 or as late as early 2020.
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    Until the conservative bankers and equities traders can get their hands on the cash flow

    it will be a basket ball to be tossed around by left and right parties

    until the tax starts to flow, then greed hits both sides bigtime

    like tobacco thats fading fast ..weed is a convenient replacement

    this time with medical backing

    good luck
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  3. By 2020 it will be federally legal I suspect.
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  4. Once we can open up one or two of these deep south states it'll tumble in the right direction.

    I believe one of the most sensible plans I've seen is to legalize medical federally, and allow states to handle recreational laws. That's a bit of a hands off compromise that makes sense to me to potentially happen in 2020.

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  5. Yesterday it was announced that the hemp amendment Mitch McConnell put into the Farm Bill has survived unchanged, so cbd-rich hemp will be fully legal over the entire country for at least the next five years.

    This is a big deal because cbd-rich hemp is almost exactly the same as marijuana except that it leaves you clear-headed instead of intoxicated. It still feels really good, makes you creative and relaxed, and is an excellent thing to have just before exercise (and sex).

    In fact it's such a great product that when marijuana's finally legalized we should see a range of thc concentrations offered - from 0% (which we have today) right up to couch lock. Not only that but while full-spectrum marijuana is a far less-harmful alternative to alcohol (both make you intoxicated), cbd-rich hemp is a far, far less-harmful alternative to tobacco (both leave you clear-headed).

    Thirty-seven million people in the U.S. consume tobacco and 400,000 of them are killed by it every year. So the potential to make $$$Millions and prevent hundreds of thousands of premature deaths every year is enormous!
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  6. I watched my mom slowly die from COPD caused by 50 years of tobacco! If cannabis had been legal it would have been a different story.

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  7. It is going to happen and it is going to be a world of suck for the small growers, I work in a industry that is controlled by the state government and they have run everybody out of it. Fucking ruined it is what they have done , and they will do the same to the legal weed business, the rich and well connected will do fine and control it . In the state I live in they give out licences to grow medical weed and if you where a white male you did not get a license. Women, blacks, Hispanics and even Asian got license but no white males.i know a man that spent his life savings setting up a place to grow he did not get a license and had to sell it for a loss to a black woman that got a license with out even setting up a place for the state to inspect. It is just a racket for the politically connected. Stay small and illegal it is the only way to survive, and save you genetics they will be coming after them next.
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