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    I remember reading about a farmer who had a crop of kenaf - it is used for making paper, and the leaves of one variety are a dead ringer for young MJ.


    Anyway, he got raided by the police and they BURNT the entire crop. But had to pay him compensation, eventually.

    Now what I am thinking, let´s rent a vast field, plant kenaf. Tip off the cops that it´s MJ, make them burn it. Create a massive fuss, involve the press, TV, get huge compensation.

    Now the NEXT year ..................
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  2. muahahaha good idea :D
  3. hey i read about that to and thats my excuse if a cop asks me what im doing growing pot im gonna tell him it kenef and mention that story to him so he doesnt proceed it any further! hopefully!
  4. Be sure to know what variety of Kenaf you are getting. Most varieties have a heart-shaped leaf. Usually there will be a pic of the plant buy the description. Kenaf also has big pretty hollyhock-like flowers, making it ideal for urban beautification (and driving cops nuts!)! lol Anyway, you CAN find it on the net- I have. Post 14 gives where you can buy kenaf seeds in less than one ton quantities!


    Have fun gardening! :hello:

    - Granny :wave:
  5. thats awsome. i feel that will cause search warrants to become less likely for peoples grows in their yards. think of it. someone has a large kenaf plantation in their backyard. police come in and destroy the crop and then the police department gets sued. wouldnt that be a wonderful thing. police departments destroying a harmless plant because it was mistaken for another harmless, but useful, plant. lol the world is crazy. but good idea to plant in nonetheless. lets do it!
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    Uhuh like in your back yard or outside mixed in with the weed that way neighbours, rippers and cops can see it? Not too good of a plan IMO. Who's "let's" when you say let's rent a field. Not everybody lives in your country Spanish fly.
  7. Stormcrow, you are right, you have to get the correct variety.
  8. Thank you for sharing that vital information. Should we do a sticky "Choose your variety of Kenaf" or I will be very mad at you. Ridiculous.
  9. I just thought it was a mildly amusing thought. No big deal.
  10. lol im gunna plant hundreds of thousands of kenaf plants all over my town and then plants hundreds of thousands of marijuana plants and just over take the town.
  11. cavalier, great, that´s the idea !!
  12. Cavalier was being ironic :eek:.
  13. Surely not ??? :D
  14. From what I just read on the web, Kenaf is also edible by us humans. :yummy: The roots AND leaves can be eaten raw or boiled! Seeds and leaves can be ground for a flour substitute and used to bake bread and sometimes cookies!

    Hmmm. :rolleyes: Sounds like an interesting plant for my yard! It also grows tall so it can act as a wind break or visual screen! More bonus built in!

    Just gotta make sure I don't have any potentially illegal materials on the property when I'm growing this!;);)

    I ordered some seeds. LOL
  15. yuup, if i ever get caught. Im gnna say "its kenaf muthafucka" if that doesnt work ill have to kenaf em.

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