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Discussion in 'General' started by sensimil, Jun 2, 2003.

  1. well its a sad day for sensi today.
    today I attending my grandfathers service at the veterans home. fortunately I got to see him one last time before he passed, in a very good maner, upbeat and laughing, making passes at the nurses at the hospital (had us really laughing!) so at the least, my family and I are carrying very good memories of him..
    not that it comapres to having a life taken away from you, but on our 2 month anniversary last night the girlfriend gave me the "we gotta talk" talk. well we talked, and apparently she (who has never been in a relationship before) just wants to be friends with benefits. and I, who never thought Id be in this situation, who still isnt sure that I want to be in this situation, has always given all in all my relationships. I couldve made something with this girl. I was looking forward to a good fun summer with a girlfriend. with her. I thought about it and I could see it happen. well, she still wants to hang out, (and have sex?!?!) she said she just doesnt have those feeling she once did.
    ugh. life is throwing me a loop for sure..
  2. It'll be alright. I'm sorry to hear about your 'paw.. But having those good memories are always healthy. I'll send ya some karma via smoke... hehe.. hope you get to feeling better..
  3. Aww Sensi, I'm so sorry! That's horrible that she would treat you like a piece of meat (that's all I imagine friends with benefits would be...having cake and eating it too).

    I'd smoke for you if I had any, but know I'm thinking about you....I hope you find a girl who treats you as well as you deserve...and you deserve the best, girl!
  4. Sensi,

    Please accept my condolences for you loss. :( I remember how tough it was for me when I lost my Grandfather. Just be thankful for the time that you did get to spend with him.

    As for your girlfriend.....You don't want to be with someone who has doubts anyway. I know hearing that doesn't make it any eaiser, but rest easy knowing that there is a special someone out there for you. And if I was female, I'd make a pass at ya!! :)
  5. sensi, i'm sorry for your loss.......i never got to meet my grandad, on either side, unfortunately they had passed before i was born.......i like to think that maybe they watch over me and keep me out of trouble....if this is the case then they are doing a damn good job.........sorry to hear about your relationship, i know how it feels, well in a hetrosexual manner.......you deserve better, i hope all works out well in the long run.......sending good karma your way........singing........GO SENSI.....GO SENSI.......IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY, IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY............Peace out.......Sid
  6. *Doing the go Sensi, go Sensi dance*
  7. life comes to that inevitable conclusion... inevitability doesnt make it any less painfull though. :(

    as for yer chicky... hmmm, i wasnt there for "the conversation" so i cant say for sure, but sometimes those feelings ARE still present but they just cant really handle it @ that moment, and want the friends with benifits because, to an extent, thats what a good relationship is. go easy sensi, i hope all is well in the end.

    and if u ever feel like switching teams, you know u got about 50 horn dawgs here @ the city gagging for a sesh with ya! ;) :)

    have a big ol' sob, then chin up and on with the rest of yer day.
  8. thanks for the kind words guys! the service was small, but nice. It was the first service I have ever spoke at. I was nervous, but when it came down to it, I thought of how much it would mean to my mom and didnt really have to think what to say, it all just came out, right from the heart..the words came pretty easy to me, I surprised myself! it felt good though, and I know it did mean a lot to my mom..

    lol, digit its been a while since Ive cracked a genuine smile. thanks buddy :)

    In my head, I think she still does have some feelings for me. Im not sure though if Im separating my hopes from thoughts though..when I think im thinking to much I doubt myself, and then Im just not sure..Im just going to go with the flow of things and see where it goes..
    For her, this has been her longest relationship with a girl. she was with another for about a month and nothing much more serious than that. I know she likes girls and just girls, Id never doubt that. but she did bring up how bad she is at relationships and showing emotions and affection, all which I feel more than confident in doing and talking about.
    It just sucks because the part I love, the relationship, the gf/gf stuff, the affection part is the part she doesnt want.
    what I told her is the ball is in her court (which she said she doesnt like) I said we can still hang out, but im not going to wear my heart on my sleeve like I have been for the last 2 months. maybe by the time Im about to go crazy for hiding that, she'll come around to me. thats what Id want anyway..Im not one to give up on someone too easily. its just weird to me, Ive never been in the kind of situation she wants this to be for us.
    Im just going to sit back and see how things go..Im not going to invest a lot of heart into her, not like I was, I just dont want to be hurt in the longrun if this isnt something she really wants. and If it turns out to be she cant resist me any longer, than.....SCORE! :D

    lol, thanks for the kind words all :)
  9. so sorry Sensi. It's very painful to loose someone you care for a great deal. sounds like you've had a double whammy. Good karma to you.
  10. dammit why do I allways show up to these things late? I would offer kind words sensi but everyone's allready done that.... hence I am just gonna say:

    <font size="7" color="red"> ROCK ON SENSI </font>

    I realise that doesn't mean much but hey- if it may just bring a liiiiiitle smile to that face o yours... it was worth looking like a tit for.

  11. LOL ;) thanks switch!
  12. Who could resist Sensi, If its meant to be the hanging out will turn into a relationship once more. If not then she'll regret her loss and itll be your gain as her affection was never real. Find yourself a cutie and get some rebound nookie. :)


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