Lessons you learned with marijauna usage

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  1. You know we all made mistakes somehow when using. Like when drinking alcohol and we drink way too much when we first start or try a drink a lot stronger than expected? Anyway, I guess my lesson learned is to not drink alcohol while eating edibles. I did that my first time eating one and I nearly blacked out. That's when I realized it's a lot more potent than just smoking.

  2. To make sure that when I'm being handed a joint that I am not grabbing it lit end 1st!
  3. you can tell a lot about a person based on how stingy he is with weed.
  4. Small hits at first with concentrates such as hash, it can be expansive in the lungs. More isn't always better, with tolerance it actually becomes less rather than more, no matter how much you smoke.
  5. Sex is better high.

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  6. Mooches are easier to spot than you would think and need to be left behind ASAP. Wasted hundreds of dollars on some motherfuckers...
  7. An intense high, like 12/10 can be fun from time to time, but a light high can be more enjoyable. You're usless if you get really high all the time, like a lot of people I know.
  8. your dealer is not your friend.
  9. Careful who you trust, its a dirty game yo.
  10. The more the merrier
  11. weed gave me the ability to read people like books and I really don't like it because now within 5 minutes if someone isn't cool I don't wish to be around them so my friend list dropped from 100s to about less then 5 lmao

    but im cool with that I don't need dirty stinkers in my life :)

  12. If being in a particular situation while high gives you anxiety, don't think that smoking more will make it any better.

    Whats 12/10?
  13. I learned that exhaling pot smoke from a joint into the face of a Jahova's witness at my door will get them to leave without being asked. Satanic bible helps too.
  14. That's bs man. Snap judgements are almost ALWAYS wrong. Some people don't feel comfortable around people when they first meet them.
    You definitely need to widen your horizons. Give people a chance

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  15. nope its not bs I can tell by eye contact and the words you choose to speak what type of a person you are I know it sounds odd but I know im not the only one in the world that has a low tolerance to bull shit

    I was always told a man that wont level with you isn't one you can trust and these days its very very easy to weed those people out lol

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    What if he was my friend first? And I happened to start buying from him because its the best around and good price. Plus I get hooked up with like and eighth or more extra when I buy.

    I work at a store, does this mean I can't be friends with the customers?

    I get that as a general rule dealers only want your money....but you want there weed. Its not a one way street.

    On a serious note though, don't make a rookie mistake and smoke too much on no tolerance. It will make your tolerance go up faster, and can be a hell of a panic attack.

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  17. Ok I can understand that.

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  18. The mechanics of subatomic nerf footballs.
  19. Really high.
  20. You can find hidden meanings in anything.

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