Less than 2 weeks from flower. 20-4 cycle.

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Ganjaholic C137, Jul 17, 2019.

  1. Question: would it be ok to leave it on for a whole weekend if I needed to go out of town?

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  2. From finishing flower the post is kind of confusing as long as you have someone to water if they are autos they will keep on going into flower and if they are photos there wont go into flower till you switch light cycle.
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  3. She’s a fem but yeah I just wanted to know if she could handle a 24 hr cycle for a couple days. Watering shouldn’t be a prob

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  4. So she is on 20-4 and you are going to switch to 24-0 ? Should be fine
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  5. Agreed - Will be fine mate
  6. It will be fine.
  7. Sounds like OP doesn't have a timer and is manually turning them on and off. Personally it would drive me crazy doing that.
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  8. Yea I did that for like 3 days and had to go get one

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