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  1. So here's a quick little background on me, I'm an 18 year old kid, fresh out of high school, about to start college (in 6 friggen days, I'm freaking out). I've been smoking on and off for 4 or 5 years. A little personal bit, I love kush so much.

    So I was out in the garage today res hitting my pipe because I don't feel like hunting for weed in this dry spell this early in the morning, and I started thinking about life. More specifically, I was thinking about when I'm going to have my own place someday, and I'm going to buy an expensive assed bottle of wine and put it in a bong. At that point I realized. I don't want to be rich, roll in pussy, or anything like that. I just want to get a good job, a nice little house in the suburbs, and just smoke a lot of pot. I'm going to school for computer science, and I hope to get a job at a larger firm.

    Now just think about this: How awesome would it be to work at Microsoft and smoke a bunch of weed?
  2. Dude... I'm in a very similar situation. I prefer my hazes and pure sativas though.

    I'm hoping to get employed by the DoD, the NSA, or something with infosec as thats my specialization for my major (computer information systems)

    Its a great idea, live in a big house and grow your own weed, win win situation.
  3. I haven't really smoked a lot of sativa. I did smoke some Connie Chung the other day, though :smoking:

    But yeah, man, having a legit way of living while just smoking a bunch of weed is a great way of living. Also, stoner nerds ftw.
  4. Fuck that shit

    I wanna be rich as fuck

    With bitches everywhere, and stacks of cash to throw at those hoes
  5. ^^ Now that's the spirit :D
  6. Yea man, I don't look like the stereotypical computer geek so most people don't believe me when I say it.

    Plus I've always felt smoking has helped me program better, lets get a house with fellow weed smoking computer geeks, we'll program and smoke weed all day. Then we'll smoke weed and fuck bitches all night.
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    I'm with this guy, I wanna have a fuck load of nice cars, bitches, and maddddd cash flow.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yOiXrlw0oZc]Lil Boosie Flossin counting money - YouTube[/ame]

  8. [​IMG]
    video concept-tyler skateboarding down the street throwing wads of cash at white bitches:smoking:
  9. I'd love to be rich, but it'd probably be the end of me if i was given TOO much cash. I lack control when the oppurtunity arrives, so i guess I'm fine with mediocrity really then.

  10. T Dollaz!
  11. Why would you do this? hahaha
  12. thats what i envision after i get out of the army. a sweet job in the outdoor industry, hiking with my dog, and a little house with a huge backyard. that will be my life.
  13. I know eh:confused: like using the wine instead of mouthwash or something, for that effect?
    Man the shit from your sesh/(ashes etc)downtube is going to ruin that expensive wine
    ..i'd say pour yourself a nice glass hit that bong and then take a sip, alternate and repeat
  14. My only goal in life right now revolves around the idea of being able to lick my own butthole.
  15. its an admirable goal my friend. i wish you luck.
  16. Nah dude, I wanna have a decent size house like 6 bedrooms Plus a vacation house by the lake ya dig. And a couple toys in the driveway
  17. shit man im leavin in 8 days for my fresh year. im majorin in gen. business to do who the fuck knows :confused:. just lookin to make money and have a fulfilling life doing what i please :)
  18. Personally i'm tryin to break into the scientific field.:hello: Medicine in particular

    It's harsh though, your competing with a bunch of mega nerds for job postings, some of these guys are literally smarter than fucking god.
  19. I would like to get a good enough job to make sure I could live comfortably, with no worries. Making sure I wouldn't have to worry about my future kid's college funds, my mortgage, car payments, etc. Basically I want to have a nice house, decent sized property, and a good family. Maybe mix that in with some good weed, wine, music and that seems like it would be an awesome life.
  20. Well, someone just said they didn't have any water during a sesh, and they had to use wine. And I just thought it'd be hilarious to just ruin an expensive bottle of wine by smoking through it.

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