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Less is more

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Good Day, May 13, 2010.

  1. Ok so this is going to sound fucked, but I think smoking small amounts of weed can produce effects similar to smoking a lot of weed.

    Don't get me wrong, I've smoked a half oz in 3 days, tripping on shrooms too, and smoking a little has never made me feel as high as that.

    But lately I've tried smoking only one good bong or pipe rip, and I feel amazing for longer where as when I smoke tons of weed, all day, my high seems to peak and level off, and no matter how much more i smoke, my high doesn't seem to grow in intensity. I also seem to burn out faster when I've smoked more.

    Maybe it's my fast metabolism or I'm just trippin, but has anyone else (regular smoker) ever felt very high off one rip?
  2. I agree. Less is more most of the time for me.
  3. yeah dude, i took 2 small rips of kief and tobacco in my one hitter now im pretty nice.
    *flame shield against people hating tobacco* but i had a nice nicotine buzz.
  4. i know what you mean, you can smoke mad weed all day/ all week. Then one day after a busy day you can take one hit and just be fucked. It's odd.
  5. Most kids overdo it then learn as they get older that they can get just as high with less.
  6. Definitely. I realized this when I was running out of bud and smoked just a bowl instead of my usual blunt + bowl or two...and although the effects were obviously less (we're talking .3g compared to 1.3-1.6g), I still got my high.
  7. Yea bro shrooms boosts that shit...:hello:
  8. I don't agree, sorry. I think you can be completely and comfertably high off a small amount of weed and there is no need to smoke more than that. I do think that your high intensifies as you increase the amount of marijuana, until it plateaus.
  9. The point is a lot of people smoke a lot more than their plateau level.
  10. I can agree with that, myself included sometimes.
  11. There is nothing wrong with that either if one has the weed and likes to smoke that much. I outgrew huge binge smoking a long long time ago though, personally. Not that I don't do it once in a blue moon, usually with old old friends.

  12. Don't we all :D:hello:
  13. #13 oldskoolgrower, May 14, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 14, 2010
    Hell I'm smoking a lot more than I need tonight, but I've got like a pound to burn so it's all good :D

    EDIT: My wife went to visit family so it's just me, the cats, and piles of weed and hash to keep me occupied.
  14. Yeah i agree. Alot of my friends will sit down and smoke like 5+ bowls in a row, and hit there plateau and keep smoking..i dont understand. I smoke a bowl and that gets me high and then i just wait till my high goes down then i smoke another bowl. Gets me just as high and saves weed.
  15. I actually enjoy smoking just a point or two in my bubbler over a huge .5 bowl...
  16. Oh yea I use to smoke 2-3 bowls a night. Recently I have been just been smoking one bowl a night and just spreading it out. I get just as high as I do with 2-3 bowls. Get to conserve a lot of weed,
  17. I think this term is best applied to bongs. One huge bong hit can def have you high as hell.

  18. sounds like a kickass night hahaha. no girl, no problems
  19. Eh I miss her but it's cool. We've been happily married for a long time. She rarely causes problems. I'm good at sensing when she's in a problematic mood and I just stay away and do my own thing then :D

    She'll be back in a few days so I'll just play bachelor for awhile.

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