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Less hits per high but multiple highs?

Discussion in 'General' started by RenegadeHaze, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. So I had a question. I used to just get high once a day at night and just smoke hella. But lately ive been doing less hits per high (it only takes me 3-5 hits to be pretty satisfyingly high, believe it or not) but then getting high like 4 times a day. So healthwise is there a difference between smoking a lot in one session or doing less but more often? If so, which is better? Cuz I'd rather do what I do now since I end up staying high almost all day and its winter break so who cares :smoking:

    Anyways, happy almost new years from California and thanks!
  2. You'll be fine, it's not like it's alcohol :p

    Just do as you please. That's how I smoke, a few hoots every few hours all day every day. It seems to work alright.
  3. Exactly, it's winter break, so who cares. Usually when I have stuff to do or like I'm busy, I try to space out my tokes so like once in the morning and at night so I'm not tired and burnt out the whole day. But now since I'm on break, I just always keep a bowl packed and smoke a couple hit every hour or so, so I'm always nice and toasty :smoke:
  4. I'm from Oc
  5. What do u guys think about this
  6. About what?
  7. If worried about health aspects, buy yourself a vaporizer.

    Sent from a remote island in the South Pacific.
  8. What op said
  9. I vape wax
    Is that better then smoking green out of pipe
    Health wise
  10. I'm certainly no expert, but vaping wax seems like the best way.
    I vape (portable) because I really can't tolerate smoking. Seems like a healthier alternative. I've never vaped wax before but I'm guessing, due to concentration, it would produce a quicker high; thus, less time needed for vaping.

    Sent from a remote island in the South Pacific.
  11. Yeah anyone got studies or more data

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