Les Stroud or Bear Grylls?

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  1. A lot of people say that Bear Grylls (Man vs. Wild) is much more badass than Les Stroud (Survivorman). But I think Survivorman is a shit ton more hardcore because he goes at it alone and risks his life every time while Bear Grylls has a few brewskies with his camera crew after a day of filming.

    What do you guys think?
  2. Fuck yeah Bear Grylls is a bitchass. There are mad sites with info on how he did alot of shit a few miles from a highway, and how he stays in hotels some nights. Plus he has a full camera crew with him and "survival supplies"

    All Les Stroud has on survivorman is a walkie talkie in case hes in danger of dying or being seriously hurt, and a multi tool. And some random ass shit like a wrecked boat or a bike or a car or some shit. And he stays out there for 7 days. Thats bad ass
  3. Bear sleeps in hotels and shit Les is the real deal. He is at it alone so he does not do some of the dumb shit that Bear does only becayse he has a crew with him if something really goes bad
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    Before I say this, I'm still voting for Les Stroud, but;

    ... Bear Grylls never once claimed to ACTUALLY be surviving out there, and everyone with half a mind figured so BEFORE the lil' conspiracy thing. His show is a demonstration of techniques. He's says frequently before he does shit "Now this isn't always the best option, but I'm going to show you how it's done..."

    That's the point.

    Les Stroud is the man, but the shows are Apples/Oranges to me.

    Hell, YOU go climb a damned waterfall before you call him a bitch, or whatever people classify him as vs. Les Stroud.

    /Post, *votes for Les.
  5. I think Stroud is exponentially more badass, but Grylls seems to give better information... I feel as though I have learned more after I watch Bear, whereas I just wanna go fucking camping after watching Stroud.
  6. Rhythm...?

    lol, apparently not.
  7. RoL, you done gone and confused me.
  8. I agree.
    And you can just tell Bear is a little
    better in front of the camera,
    and him having a crew cuts
    out all the awkward stetting up
    of cameras by one dude and talking to them.

    Bear is cooler, Les is more badass.
  9. Bear Grylls is savage as fuck.. LITERALLY. THe man is primal.. I've seen him kill a turtle. THen when you think that was the craziest thing of the show he eats a frog, bites into a fish, and eats some pretty gnarly bugs.
    I think when he was a navy seal he saw some fucked up shit or something
  10. I think he both drank his own piss out of a dead snake, and sought hydration from a large mass of camel shit... and THEN went home and kissed his wife and kids. His wife, probably with tongue involved.

    He's just a badass, man, was probably born that way. Or, maybe he saw some fucked up shit, and Travis Pastrana has gotten one too many concussions.

  11. Ya so he's like a wilderness version of Fear factor and...maybe Mythbusters? He does sick shit too (Bear that is) but he's just not as hardcore as Les, no matter how gay Les can sometimes be.

    And he wasn't a Navy Seal, he was a paratrooper for the British Special forces.
  12. HE has no fear of killing
  13. Bear does crazier shit and keeps things interesting so im gonna pick him
  14. i think les

    simply because bears voice is so annoying and you can tell hes milking his "exotic" accent for all its worth to the american audience heh
  15. Your poll options are biased.
  16. Even though bear grylls does seem to have more accomadations he also does ALOT harder shit than les stroud. Les just stays in one place pretty much for a week, as for Bear he hikes rough terrain and shows you how to get past any obstacle if you may get lost. Thats one of the reasons he has a camera crew because he's out swinging on vines and climbing fucking mountains and shit while les stroud shows you how to set up camp for a week
  17. [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_eFviBJR-E"]YouTube - Man vs. Wild Fail[/ame]

    Man vs Wild is staged lol
  18. as far a one or the other they are similar, but I'd rather watch les, it's more natural
  19. Les Stroud is a better survivor
    Bear Grylls is just fucking crazy

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