Les Claypool

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by weedeater, May 29, 2003.

  1. is Les not the most bitchinest bass player ever. dude i am listening to his first set at Bonnaroo and all i can say is damn. i wanna see the flying frog brigade so bad.
  2. that crazy motherfucker knows how to rip it
  3. i just went and watched him on my bonnaroo dvd

    thats the shit
  4. Ahhh. But dont foget the roots...

    Cliff Burton (RIP)

    I think cliff had to be the one that brought bass soloing into play.

    And i like les, but DUDE make more of a band than just a good bassist.

    Dream Theater - John Myoung :D There ya go.
  5. i've been listening to a lot of les claypool, but mostly PRIMUS, songs like My Name Is Mud, Too Many Puppies, and Damn Blue Collar Tweakers, are anthems too me now, haha, i havn't heard to much of Frog Brigade, but has anyone listened Oysterhed yet?
  6. I love all les claypool shit. HM, CCBBB, Frog Brigade, Oysterhead, Primus, sausage

    love it all. the dudes a great bassist and a allaround great musician
  7. Elephant ghost sounded pretty sweet...the rest of them were kinda off though
  8. i saw the live show when he did the intro to master of puppets on his bass, its so badass
  9. I met some strange dude at a pub a few weeks back. Started talking about music. He's a bass player, too. Suddenly he started off abouut how bad Les was and how he could easily play better than Les. And that Les had to improve his technique

    Needless to say the conversation was over for me at that instant. Just turned around and continued conversating with some sensible people
  10. saw primus at bonnaroo, quite a sick show, les is the man fo sho
  11. Primus, did I miss a thread about Les and Primus? Fuck no! I just downloaded big eyeball in the sky yesterday, it's got some quite interesting stuff in there to say the least. Nothing beats primus though...
  12. Man, Les has gone down the crapper. Listen to fucking kick ass rocking Frizzle Fry and now listen to drug trip animals, he need to get off the god damn shrooms. But they tear it up live.

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