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  1. Hey everyone. Appreciate all the help on this fourm. I have a story for you. So a week ago i was pulled up on the side of the road it was dark out. I had to pull over to fix my car. I had some wax on me wich i got from the dispensary but in my county its not covered under the law. I was just about to leave a police cruiser whipped up behind me. I quickly took my wax container out of my pocket droped the wax on the ground outside and hid the container on the side my car. At this time i walked around to my drivers door the cop was just getting out of his car i told him what i was fixing and he even held his light so i could see. Before i left he took my licence and wrote it down in his car he came back gave me it and i left. What are the chances he seen me drop the wax and was just waiting for me to leave and pick it up. Do u think its unlikely since he never searched me? I never found the dab container must have fell off my car down the road but it was pretty empty maybe a couple crumbs.
  2. Well considering he helped you with his light and took down basic information you should be fine. From what you have said it sounds like he dident even search you. Your fine .

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  3. Next time tell him/her to get their glazed eyes off your meds, and use the light to find the donut crumbs on thier face.
  4. Why did you drop your stash if its from a dispensary? Thats like throwing meds doctors gave you because the police stop you lol
  5. LMAO!!!!! Omg you are really serious aren't you? The chances of him seeing you drop the wax, and was waiting for you to leave so he could get it are zero to one hundred fucking billion
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  6. Haha ok thanks guys been a shit week i hate dealing with the damn cops. I dropped it because they try to charge patients with a felony in my county if you are caught with it. The county where the dispensary is its legal the medical laws suck here.

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