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  1. Hey everybody, I'm am newly registered here at the city forums however I have been a big fan of this site and everything it stands for for a long time ;) Well, two days ago I got to reading a lot (7-8 hours) of material all about growing your own cannabis. I have smoked for almost 4 years now but still feel like a criminal everytime I go and buy tree, and would love to grow my own not only to avoid that feeling but also the risk involved with buying any controlled substance.

    Long story short, it was about 4am and I decided I wanted to grow. So I pulled out a bag which contained my recently purchased 1/8 and went through it with a fine comb to try and find some seeds. Unfortunetly there were only three. So (I forgot which guide I read it at, maybe this site or another one) I took a tupaware and lined it with moist paper towels and put the three seeds in, covered them with moist paper towels, covered the tupaware with a blanket and sweatshirt to keep it dark and warm and stuck the whole thing in the top of my closet.

    This was about 6am yesterday. I checked it when I got back from school around 2 and there was no visible progress. I let it air out for about 10-15 minutes, made sure the paper towels were still moist (they were) and closed it back up and put it back. Then I checked it again around 12am that night. Still nothing. Then I checked it again after school today and still nothing. The paper towels are plenty moist and I'm pretty sure the guide said room temperature was warm enough for germination, but for some reason nothing's happening.

    I will probably check again before I go to bed tonight (11pm-12am) and I'll post some picks if that will help (don't see why it would as they are just regular seeds). Could the seeds be bad? Does germination usually take this long to begin? I expected to at least see a little bit of the root stem by now but they look absolutely the same.

    Thanks for all the help everyone. I'm lovin the city already!

  2. I tried germinating seeds from some bud I bought with seeds in it, they never germinated.

    Not saying bagseeds don't germinate, they can.

    Germination can start at 24 hours, or even 4 days later.
  3. So for now I should probly just stay the course right? Thanks for the help, I'll keep everyone updated!

  4. Yeah man, how long have they been germinating?
  5. They have been germinating for about 40 hours so far. I will check them again at 11 or 12 (I will post pics if you think they will help) but last time I checked which was 32 hours of germination (2pm) there was no visible change at all.
  6. Yeah, just leave them for a cupple days and then come back and check.
  7. Should I keep opening the container every 12 hours or so to let in fresh air or just completely leave it untouched for a few days?

    Thanks for all the help by the way, it is much appreciated!

  8. The way I germinated my seeds was took a thin cd case, put two piece of damp paper towl on the bottom, seeds ontop, and then another piece of paper towl on top, put them on a windowsil and let them sit for a cupple days. When they started to crack open or whatever they do, put them about 1" deep in soil.

    So I think you can just leave them.

    By the way, what are your plans on growing?
  9. Well I realize that I'm starting a little late in the season (at least for my region, NE of USA) so that's why I decided to try it out with bagseed rather than buy grow seed and have my plant killed by frost or something. Once the seeds begin to germinate *fingers crossed* I will probably put them in a small cup or pot and monitor their vegetation for a few days. If all goes well I have a sweet spot picked out close enough to my house that I can walk but far enough that a discovered plant cannot be traced back to me (it's like a giant cliff of land not rocks that is right next to the highway, however other vegetation would block any view of the plant).

  10. Nice, I just did the same thing. My seeds germinated about a week ago and had them in a small cup, sitting in my backyard so they'd all days sunlight. My mom saw them and told me to get rid of them though. So right now they're in a cut in half 2l Coke bottle in the forest less than 5 minutes from my house. It's also a month, maybe month and half late in the season here too.
  11. I wrap my seeds in damp paper towels and stick it in a ziplock and throw that on top of my cable box for 24 hours, after 24 hours I plant them moisten the soil a little bit and leave them. I germinate 3 out of 4 seeds succefully like this within 3 to 4 days.
  12. I thought you were suppossed to wait until the root stem emerged to plant. Do you have a root stem after 24 hours?!
  13. Germinating bagseed can be very tough. It really all depends on what kind of weed the bagseed came from. If it was really cheap shwag weed, then no matter how many seeds you find, you aren't going to have much luck growing them. Seeds can get roasted if a grower hurries up and toasts the weed in a toaster oven to get the weed dry quicker, so they can sell it sooner (a common practice with really cheap weed). The weed could have also been harvested early, so you have immature seeds.

    Are your seeds really little, or even white? These are possible bad signs.

    If you are really curious about your seeds, an old trick is to put the seeds in a small glass of water for a day or so. Dead seeds will float, while seeds that have a chance will fall to the bottom of the glass. You can take these seeds after they reach the bottom, and use the paper towel method. I don't know any basis for this method, however I have tried it, and it did work for me.

    Good luck!
  14. No, they don't crack in 24 hours.
    I just let them soak and get moist and then I plant them and they root.

    Squeeze seeds between your fingers if they crack, they are no good.
    You can then try to germinate them, if you dont get any results but the seed is still good line the inside of a matchbox with sand paper throw seeds in there and shake the matchbox.

    Seeds sometimes have very thick outer shells which prevent them from germinating, Scuffing the seeds a little bit sometimes works wonders.
  15. Ok, just checked and I've finally got something:

    Seed #1


    Seed #2


    Seed #3


    (Sorry they're kinda blurry)

    As you can see seed 1 has a huge root stem (how soon should I plant it), seed 2 doesn't really show any difference, and I know you can't tell from the blurry pic but seed three is cracked open but no root stem yet.

    I can probly plant either tonight or tomorrow or do I need to get seed 1 in the ground asap? Thanks for all the help guys!

  16. bloody hell man... Seed #1 is far overdue.. get that beast in some soil very quick! you let the root grow too long.. once it starts to curl like that you have a lot greater chance of damaging and therefore kill it.. be very very carful when planting it that you dont touch or bend that root in any way.. if # 3 has cracked give it another 12 hours or somthing and if you see the root sticking out plant it.. dont let it get as long as #1.
  17. Wow, I guess this has really shown my inexperience as a grower. I have seed 1 planted in some soil (although I read plants don't need nutrients for the first 25 days or something the only soil I could find contained MiracleGrow). I have no idea how the root tip got that long, I checked it exactly 12 hours prior and the seed hadn't even cracked open. I'll keep a closer watch over the other two.

    Thanks for the help again guys!

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