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  1. so i kinda am confused on how this came about to happen. i'm not complaining because im fucken ecstatic about it but can someone explain this to me...

    when i masturbate i last about 10-15 minutes.

    my first girl i had sex (hookup only) with i lasted 5 minutes.
    second girl (hookup only) i lasted about 5 minutes again (once i lasted bout two minutes)
    third girlfriend (girlfriend so multiple times fucking) i lasted about 5 minutes.

    fourth and current girlfriend (we fucked twice since started dating) i last 1 hour 1st time, then 2nd time i last 1 1/2 to like 2 hours almost

    btw im like more in love with this current girlfriend than i had ever been with ANYONE (if it means anything)

    im not complaining because im happy but im confused whats the reason for my sudden longer lasting capability?!
  2. You probably answered your own question. It meant more to you with this one so it lasted longer.
  3. Or she could be really loose. >_>

    Any extra drugs / alcohol while you were with this latest girl?

  4. nope.

    she actually had the tighest pussy and by far the sexiest body. and no drugs/no alcohol. all sober
  5. word.. Usually opiates make me last long as fuck, prob an 1-2 hrs. If im not noddin tho, ill probobly only last 15 mins tops
  6. Why is this a problem?

    Look at the birght side at least your not busting to early.
  7. Because you are physically and emotionally attracted to your partner that's why you lasted that long man.
  8. It's all in your mind.
  9. As long as she gets off then who cares how long you last. I laugh when people are like "dudde i fucked my girl for 2 hours". I can get my girl off in 10-15 mins, i would never want to have one session last for over 30 mins.

  10. well see its not that i just last that long.

    its because the time in between when we have sex i think is significantly shorter. were talking give or take...10-12 hours. i dont think my junk can get be back up to par so thats why i last longer.

    also; i'd prefer like 30 minutes at least imo.

    but dont get me wrong, that one night where i went over an hour was truly glorious
  11. It takes me like 2 minutes to cum when I Fap. I got it down to a science. When it cones to fucking 5+ minutes regardless of being blown before or not. Think of baseball makes you last or smoke bud.

  12. my mind wonders and i just come up with sex positions. and i tell my girlfriend them and we try them. if they work then oh my, if not then im like aight back to missionary.

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