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Lend me a hand...

Discussion in 'General' started by Pro.Pot., Jan 10, 2006.

  1. Whats up guys and girls? Now my brother lives in a pretty shitty neighborhood in south jersey by his school rowan. And he lives with a bunch of minorities, not like it is a bad thing. But he found this baggie of idk what. B4 i saw it he was asking me if it was coke and i said prolly not cuz he told me it was crumbly. so i told him to do the coke test, put alil on ur gums or something and see if it numbs it. it didn't. So i told him since he lives in a shitty area that it prolly fell out someones pocket and that it sounds like herion. He ends up bring it home with him to show me and it is crumbly white or as close to off white without being off white. (lol i m high hard ot explain the color). So yea my opinion is it's herion cuz i cooked it and it became a liquid. But one of my friends said it can be pcp or who knows any other drug. to clarify its crumbly and when u touch it it leaves like this greasy feeling... sorry for not posting a pic but i know the quality will be shit and wont help anyone out.
    F.Y.I. - i was on erowid many times looking it up and to me it still seems like herion and idk what else it may be. If u read this hole post god bless ya cuz i rambled mad.
  2. maybe heroin... or some nasty crack. Maybe some fake shit. dunno. You should try shooting it up and see if anything happens. hehe. jk.
  3. i was thinking crack too, but it isn't lke a rock. its softer little clumps. i was tempted one day to roll it in a blunt cuz i was dead set on it being herion but then i got a hold of myself and decided to just leave it be.
  4. maybe somebodywas trying to pass of some baking soda
  5. i'd say dont go picking up drugs off the ground in bad neighborhoods. its like playin russian roulette w/ a full clip.... unless you like that sort of thing :)
  6. Its baby powder

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