Lemon Tekking 3.5g of Shrooms

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Typewritermonky, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. Got some amazing Brazilian Gold Caps, and I decided I should do my first lemon tek!

    First I grounded up 3.5g in my weed grinder, then put them into a glass of freshly squeezed myers lemons from my backyard. Stirred every 5 minutes, and now it is time to down my concoction!

    Shrooms (Pre-Ground 5g in pic):


    Concoction (4 Squeezed Myers Lemons, 3.5g of ground up shrooms, cup of Santa Cruz Rasberry Lemonade for taste):


    Down the hatch we go!
  2. Gonna be a bumpy ride. :D
  3. extremely jealous, what are your plans for the day?
  4. prepare to be blasted into orbit
  5. Did it tastes like shit? It certainly looks like it would taste like shit. But you're gonna be tripping balls, how you feeling?
  6. Good vibes to you! Looks delicious, enjoy the ride. :hippie:

  7. Yah know, I was expecting the worst thing ever. It wasn't that bad, the myers lemons are SUPER STRONG though. It had the consistency of puke haha.

    My plans are either go to Russian River and trip there, or just have some other friends over and just hang out in my house ( I have a wonderful backyard and many other things.
  8. Have a good trip! I'm jealous for sure.

    That drink looks really gnarly I don't know If I could drink it... depends on the shroom though.
  9. Good vibes your way man and the river idea sounds like a blast but whatever your chose to do be sure to post a report later :wave:

  10. Yeah dude I was looking at it and thinking "I'm sewing my own poison" haha.

    But hey, 12 minutes and counting.
  11. Well I think I feel my mind starting to melt.
  12. You are a lucky man, have a good trip.
  13. Noice! I want to see where this trip goes. +++VIBES+++ to you my friend.:hippie:
  14. enjoy it man. should be hitting fairly hard lol.
  15. I love you all so much!!!!!!
  16. So yeah time has pretty much lost meaning. I'm over the nausea stage and I'm gonna go take a walk pretty soon. I'm tripping super hard but it's so much fun! This is the best I have ever had.
  17. That's great to hear man! I love shrooms so much. I still cant wait until I do it again.

    A walk is definitely a great idea; a good way to clear your head and connect with the Universe.
  18. good vibes man !:smoke::smoke:
  19. Just to let you know reading this thread and look at that drink has made me call up my connect and now im on my way to pick a quad to split between me and my friend :hello: good vibes and i will soon be joining you

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