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    1. Macro of Lemon skunk Trichs during flower
    2. Lemon skunk monster clones about to go into Aero/nft for flower.
    3. Lemon skunk Bud on flowering plant at 5 1/2 weeks.
  2. Heres an updated pic of the monster clones..
  3. Heres the clones transplanted into my hydro unit. I still need to lower the light.
  4. >.< jealous!
  5. Nice man, lemon skunk :)
  6. plants looks perfect. where did you get your seeds
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    My seeds came from attitude. Its kinda funny, I didnt even order the lemon skunk, and so far its been my favorite. lol.. We ordered Barny's farm Red cherry berry, & LSD all feminised packs, and they sent us 1 feminised lemon skunk, and 1 feminised rocklock. The rocklock ended up not germinating, but the lemon skunk has been great. I havent done a red cherry berry yet, but am going to start some this weekend. The LSD hasnt been bad either, but its a tougher strain to grow to top results. The lemon skunk and red cherry berry were actually listed as being good beginner strains, with good yields.
    Thanks for everyones input, as always I appreciate all opinions, even the ones that differ from mine. lol. Thats how we all learn.
    Heres a good shot of one of the monster clones just before I put it into the hydro unit...


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