Lemon Skunk "Monster Clones"

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  1. A couple of baby clones I aquired not to long ago... potted april 23!!

    Whatcha think???

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  2. looks good. nice new growth.
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    I'd say those look real nice what are the details . I got these on 4/25 potted in 1 gal Aurora organic soil 600w MH 18 hrs light fed once 1/4 voodoo juice 1/4 strength b52 watered once ph at 6.5 2 are not growing tho what do YOU think.

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    IMO may be a little early for nutes seeing how they were barely potted a couple weeks ago. Sounds like most give it a month or so other than the rooting hormones used.

    These are monster clones which were taken from a flowering mommy take a little longer to root and they need to be re-vegged. However I have read that the branch out much easier this way. I am using a 250watt mh 18/6 will be starting them on half strength dutch master nutes w/ micro nutes here in a week or so.
  5. Nice looking plants.
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    I agree on the nutes but voodoo juice is not a nute and someone on gc suggested b1 because after the transplant I had several with sever shock. But I think the b52 stunted the growth on 2. Sounds like you have a plan BRO good luck keep us posted. BTW are you switching to hps for flower?
  7. The B1 will help great for shock, as well as other areas, I personally like technafloras B1, They have 2 styles, Red and green, lol. I use the green for pre soak, & foliage feeding, and red in my cloner. Ive never had a problem with shock, and I always get atleast 97% success on my clones in my aero cloner I built. Havent tried the b52, But I know the advanced connoisseurs is NOT worth the $, I got better results just using the 3 part GH basic series nutes that was about 1/3 the $.. lol..
    Good luck with em, and just never give up..

  8. Thanks dude I'm gonna let them completely dry out then il give em the b52. BTW sorry to her about the coni that Shit ain't cheap I will be using the sensi bloom with other advanced products

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