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Lemon Skunk - Austin, Texas

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by LeftHandLead, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. There is absolutely nothing Lemon about this batch AT ALL! It's pure skunk through and through... Very offensive, dank, skunk funk... It lingers in your nose for a good 30 minutes, makes you start sniffing your hands and clothes to see why the smell is still so live. I've smelled the worst sour diesels, headbands, and cat piss batches you can imagine... But this stuff is horrendous! My stomach started hurting a little while I took the pics, the smell was so damn strong! Been puffing for 17 years, and never experienced such a wonderfully smelly dank.







    The buzz is 100% Sativa, hits you about 5-10 minutes after you smoke, a real creeper. I took two medium sized tokes from my glass Sherlock on my way home from school... By the time I was half way home, I found myself driving with in incredible sense of confidence, leaning back in my seat with a gigantic smirk on my face.. Feeling SOOOO Good! Like my Pacifica wagon become the dopest wheels on the road, and I transformed into the world's illest driver, styling on everyone.. VERY fun ride home lol.


    This is what a good sativa is all about! Could smoke this forever and never get tired of it.
  2. sicck.

    looks amazing.

    nice pick up.
  3. That's dank
  4. damn dude that looks great
  5. The smell is straight novelty.. Makes you want to show it off to everyone, like.. "Smell This!!"

    And the upbeat, heady, confidence boosting, mood altering buzz is so damn awesome... Man, I swear, I feel like a kid with the keys to the candy store. This shit is dope! I really wish you guys could check this!
  6. dense and dank
  7. I wish I could get that shit here. I'm in Texas but about 4 hrs south of Austin. Haha
  8. damn that is crazy lookin i get bud from austin all the time but not like that..
  9. Nice pickup, looks sticky
  10. That shit looks raw mate, enjoy it!
  11. thats lookin chronnnnnnnnnnnnic
  12. Yeah smoked some super dank from weird city myself. That shit..........uber dank. Trichs make a web around that shit damn near.......wish u had some macro shots.

    Hopefully some goodness like that is around when I drive down next month to scope out glass at BC's and see a friend. Any other high end shops around I should swing by while I'm down?
  13. Nice purchase! Stay safe.
  14. That is so dense, it looks like a mixture of Weed and Crack.
  15. The first weed I ever smoked was called Lemon Skunk. Or at least that's what my dealer told me.

    And it was indeed some dank-ass shit.
  16. I saw these same pictures on another thread I believe called like Alien Weed???
  17. lemon skunk is the dankest! it's my favorite smelling weed.
  18. At first I thought it was moldy bud. Damn that bud is caked.

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