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Lemon Kush

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by whynot100, Jan 16, 2010.

  1. hey guys,
    i just wanna know if im getting ripped off or not.
    my dealer says he has this lemon kush and he swears by it, says its the best shit hes ever smoked in his life. Hes a pretty trustworthy guy, but i dont no about the cost.
    its 25 bucks a gram.
    Is that worth 25 bucks a gram?
  2. Work him down to 20. Don't pay 25 for a G unless its ATF...

    And smoke it up!
  3. nah, im pretty sure this guys set in stone, maybe ill get him to kick a little off when i meet him, but what im asking is assuming that he wont go down no matter what shood i still buy it for 25 a gram, assuming its as good as he says?
  4. 25 a g is a bit much for kush. 20 is standard around here for even the best kush, but overpriced weed is still better than no weed.

  5. thanks man, ill try and see if hell go down a bit. im buying 5 grams, so even if he makes the price 110 instead of 125 it still means i save 15 bucks:smoke:
  6. It is SO fucking worth the money dude, I am not bullshitting you. It really is the best strain I have ever smoked.
  7. yea ill see if i can get him to go down but if not ill buy it for that.
    thanks guys
  8. dude just ask for a "quad" for like 120 :confused:

  9. what? srry i dont understand english isnt my first language haha
  10. A quad = quarter = 1/4 Oz = 7g
  11. dont let dealers work you, you work them
  12. nahhh practically ALL dealers will charge 25 for some so called " REALLY DANK SHIt " but u can always get them down to 20 atleast. If he's a trustworthy guy i'd go with it get like an eigth or somethin and enjoy
  13. 25 a gram for the super dank is the right price around here.
  14. $25 for a super dank gram is spot-on here, also. I live in south Georgia so $25 a gram is actually cheap for some dealers.

  15. Jeeze are u paying by the gram??:eek:
  16. Haha! Hell no, that's just an average gram price.
  17. Wow your getting ripped off imo --- I can get oz of lemon kush right now for 300 oz
    My buddy was just over and was leaving i had no cash on me as its shitty out and was not going to the bank i asked him for a bowl or so for the 5 bucks i had he gave me a small bud
    he left i weighed it .4!!!!

    even at 300 an oz thats 10.71 a g

    he should be doing it for 15-20 all day
    15 really but 20 seems to be the regular price now a days!!
  18. LOL prolly got the strain name from Gucci Mane...

    I love it, get some kush and call it anything you want add 5 dollars a gram... hah
  19. Except lemon kush is a very real strain with a very distinct taste.

    I personally would never pay more than $10/gram, but that's just because of where I live. I have no idea, $20/g might be a good price where you're from.

  20. its not a real strain man..

    OG kush I've grown and smoked has a lemoney taste so did the "pure" kush very subtle lemon flavor.

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