Lemon Juice Weighting

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  1. In case you're not a verteran in weed transactions, there's a little thing that some punk dealers out there do called 'lemon weighting'. Actually i don't know what it's called, but that's what it is. It's pretty much the equivalent of turning coke into crack. The dealer gets his stack and puts lemon juice in it to make it heavier. Apparently they think the people buying are blind or something, because there is a definite difference in amount. I learned this the hard way the other day. You can recognize lemon weighted weed by a couple of traits: 1) You can see white flakes or crystals on the weed. I first saw this in the bag and thought it was crack, but then after tasting it found that it was quite sour. 2) Some weed may be burnt/dead looking/not green. I'm pretty sure this is caused by too much citric acid. But you can see it pretty clearly. 3) There's not enough. I paid for a half ounce and barely got what looked like a quad. Seriously, i've bought half ounces for months, and i could tell right away this was bullshit.

    Check your shit before you pay!
  2. Thanks for the heads up. Sucks that you got shorted though.
  3. so they freebase the weed to change into a more smokable form? thanks for the heads up man, but dont give analogies when you dont know what youre talking about.
  4. i think hes trying to say it adds weight to it so u end up getting shorted ppl also do this with coke(the drink) and dip it in and when it drys it weights more
  5. haha so you just told me NOT to buy weed with crystals on it? good one...
  6. Yes.
  7. I dunnno i love crystals on my weed.

    I get what your saying though, but the weed can only absorb so much juice before it becomes way fucked up, I doubt you could even add .3 to the weight by only using lemon juice, and once it dries wont the majority of that added weight be gone? :confused:
  8. Ive heard of people spraying weed with water to weigh it down, but never lemon juice.
  9. yeah thats more common, but if i had a choice i'd take the lemon sprayed rather than the water sprayed. You usually get mold when you add water to mj. lemon would probably preserve it.
  10. A+ for effort on trying to be funny by taking everything literally, but no, what i meant was that they add another substance (such as baking soda in coke) to make more profit. Sorry if there was any confusion XD.

    These don't look like THC crystals, more like flakes. The two are very distinguishable, and some may even be in the bottom of the bag. You'd know if you saw them.
  11. ummm they don't add sodium bicarbonate to make profit... it's used in place of harder to obtain chemicals to create a dirty freebase form of cocaine

    true freebase is leaps and bounds above this vile ghetto shit

    as for adding lemon juice... I doubt it the smell and texture alone would clue any avid bud smoker in
  12. exactly
  13. Still, adding baking soda to coke doesn't "turn in into crack". That's just cut bullshit coke.
  14. ^ don't think they'd bother with baking soda when tons of other cuts can add or mask the cut by numbing you up or being uber bitter but it is true crack (freebase same method of ingestion but very pure) creation nets excess baking soda in the 'rocks' but not enough to really shaft someone on weight

    imho anyone paying for yay already crushed up is asking to get ripped

    iffy dealing with solid hci coke as the grainy nature fits the bill for plaster/ect being pawned off while flake yay is pretty damn hard to fake or cut
  15. ^^ yea dude, only buy jake when its in pebble form, powder never satifies.
  16. To me it really doesnt make sense because putting any liquid in your weed would just make it mold, so clearly this lemon juice is bullshit.

    But I do know what is true and thats putting pieces of bread into your bag, the weed absorbs the moisture in the bread and becomes wetter/heavier.
  17. The smell was just like any other bud. There was no difference in texture.

    But it looks like this discussion has turned into one about coke anyway.

  18. it's all good dude. i get what you're trying to say and thanks for the heads up. I'm not gonna bash ya for it lol And hey, i learned a thing or two bout coke too....

    what's more common around me is there are fruit sprays you can buy, like blueberry for example. People spray bud with that and try charging ya more, telling you it's blueberry or fruity pebbles or some crazy shit. The smell sticks and can make you think it's true, but when you smoke it you can def. tell it's not blueberry or whatnot.
  19. Haha, yeah, some guy tried to pass some shit off to me like that, telling me it was blueberry. It was still wet and was really dark blue. Pretty lame.

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