Lemon juice and marijuana

Discussion in 'General' started by chronicman00, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. I read you could get some lemon juice and put bud in it and let it sit for a while (like an hour) and shake it a bit every once in a while and you drink it and you get high. anyone ever done this? how does it work since theres like no fat?
  2. I would refer to Hashmouf's pictorial on how to make Mary Jane Citrus Tea. He mentions the citric acid from the lemon juice extracts the THC.
  3. Thanks bro
  4. sounds interesting. i'll have to try it.
  5. Just on the surface, this seems like a cruel trick to get you to waste a nug and chug lemon juice.
  6. No actually hashmouf said it works pretty well he tried it himself though he added the lemon juice to some iced tea. he has a pictorial check it out.
  7. I think its the citrus acid in the lemon juice, but I thought it took longer than an hour.
  8. What is a Hashmouf and who is pictorial?
  9. that was based off a very short post I read. I checked out hashmoufs guide tho.

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