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Lemon Drop Haze?

Discussion in 'Stash Jar' started by old_iron_lungs, Mar 12, 2010.

  1. i just got sold 7gs of this stuff called Lemon Drop Haze. Never heard about it before, its dank dank dank dakn DANK!, but is there such a bud called Lemon Drop Haze?
  2. pics? idk it sounds good id say if it has a lemon taste than the name might be legit but you never know. enjoy your smoke man:smoke:
  3. Lemon Drop is fucking amazing! I have not had Lemon Drop Haze tho
  4. sounds tasty any pics?
  5. Usually fruity names come about because the bud yields a fruity smell. I've had Bannana ku that amazingly tasted like bannanas.. Strawberry Cough actually smells like strawberries in a way, and Lemon Drop tastes very citrusy.. Decide for yourself man, but Lemon Drop is a strain, never heard of Haze though
  6. it could be lemon kush or lemon haze. is the bud dry n do the trics pour off the bud?

  7. .....
  8. i doubt there's a such thing as lemon drop haze. just slang & terms. especially since Gucci Mane repeatedly uses it in his song Lemonade.

    Lemon Kush or Lemon Haze or w.e lemon soury strain that is out there. But if it's not from a direct source; then i'd say a big majority of names & what not are just made up. imo obviously. :)

    but aye; if it's smokn. smoke on up!!
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    To answer your question directly, it certainly could exist and be legitimate. I have heard of the strain 'Lemon Drop' being posted around and etc. I don't remember the genetics on it, but I have heard of it before. A breeder could simply cross Lemon Drop x Haze and produce a strain that would fit the name you posted.

    Something to keep in mind with strain names: Many people are quick to jump and say that there 'is no such strain' and things of that nature when the simple fact of the matter is that there are so many breeders and strains being created that you can never definitively say if a strain 'exists'. Hell, I recall OSG doing some breeding in one of his grow threads which he decided he was going to call 'Candy Mountain' named after that video with the unicorns that are going to candy mountain. If someone posted they had 'Candy Mountain' on here, many people would probably quickly say that's a ridiculous strain name a dealer just made up - and they would be wrong.

    On the other hand, though, it is worth noting that many dealers do in fact just make up names, which is why many people assume that the names are made up, oh well. :rolleyes:

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