Lemme know what's going wrong if you can see anything!

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  1. Started this Bag Seed grow on the 20th of March. The pics posted are all taken today.
    The plant grows in a 10 gal storage tote with one full bag of Ocean Forest filling it up halfway. When I started, this was the biggest pot option I had. The seconds before runoff can be seen. The bottom of the soil near the roots once read 7.5 for PH, but went back to 6.5 after a flush.

    The lighting situation involves 4, 100 watt replacement CFL Bulbs using only 23watts. Ill be buying 4 more today.

    I use no nutrients, only because I don't know how. I just figured out how to use this PH Kit that I bought so I'm giving the plant 6.5 leveled water, or what as close as I can match the colors. I have a PH meter to read the soil level.

    Recently I trimmed all the big leaves off the branches and topped accordingly.

    Last night was supposed to be the first official night of the old..."12On12off" but over slept and added 2 extra hours to the slumber. I'll be buying a timer soon. Today ill shut the lights off at 10pm and turn them on at 10 am.

    Let me know if there are any noticeable issues or defects if you can find any. I'd appreciate feed back and response to the state of the plant.

    Maybe someone can let me know what nutrient cadence I can follow and how? Id like to keep it as organic as possible.
    Id like to know if PH'ing tap water to 6.5 is the same as PH'ing R.O water to 6.5.
    Are we smoking nutrients?

  2. Also, can someone explain to me, in which direction the light is being project from the cfl bulbs? I bought 4 more bulbs of the same stats.
  3. I

    Also I purchased bat shit. Applied a teaspoon to the top of my wet soil. Mixed in till the poop was undetectable. The poop is 8-1-1 .

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