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  1. hey guys i made a lego bong, and i blew smoke through it to see if it would leak out, and it did not, but the water however, does leak out. so my question is, what type of sealant should i use to seal up the bulb and make it water proof?
  2. Pics, It better be designed in the shape of a star destroyer.
  3. Try super glue I'd say but I honeslty wouldnt know for sure.
  4. Haha I don't know about your question but please post pics
  5. post a pic!

    and theres probably tons of stuff you can all depends on loks i guess dik im sure theres some glues that could work.
  6. Post a pic!!
  7. Glass epoxy is your best bet
  8. Subbed for epic Lego bong pic
  9. ^True. You'd be dumb to use anything besides epoxy.

    Though I would go with a marine epoxy since that stuff is made to be submerged in water.

  10. Careful with epoxy, it can be nasty shit.

    Legos are plastic (polyurethane), just like the epoxy is. Sometimes the chemical reaction between the resin and catylist can actually liquify similar types of plastic if they come into contact with eachother. Try mixing fiberglass epoxy in a red solo cup and you will see what I mean.

    It's a bitchin idea, don't want to see it turn into a puddle of goop :smoke:
  11. If I don't see a pic soon, i'm stealing your idea, posting a pic first, and taking all the credit.

    Post a damn picture.

  12. Awesome idea man and I definitely want to see a picture, but If its completely made out of Legos it probably isn't safe to smoke out.

  13. :rolleyes:

    Anyone else want to think with me here? Water repellant? Sticks? Reliable? Non-hazardous?

    Silicone. If I were you I'd take it apart and superglue the pieces together so it never breaks.

    Then inside the chamber you can either seal it all the way up and down the walls and make it hold the water, or when you glue it you could silicone the outer edges of where you click the pieces together and make a 'perimeter' from within the pieces. ;)

    Silicone and water pipes: there's no substitution.
  14. guys, if i can find my usb to dc card extension, i can upload a pic, but if i cannot find it today, then you're all screwed. i will not have internet after today so thats why i was askin for help yesterday. i'll try and get pics soon
  16. Lol damn erryones goin apeshit over the pics

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