Legitimate Seed Bank?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by 420GrowSF, Aug 25, 2017.

  1. anybody know of a legitimate seed bank?

    really looking forward to purchasing auto flowers online but can't seem to find a legit website.. message me or leave a comment, thank you!
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  2. I used herbies forever but they stopped taking credit cards so I found Seedsman site and there great ,they have good freebies with each purchase.
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  3. Attitude seed bank is good
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  4. I've used Attitude for years with no problems. If you don't mind me asking - Why autos?
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  5. Is this going to be your first grow? If so, why autos?
  6. Im looking for autos caused i heard they grow faster & little harvest
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    Many fine banks to choose from..Bonza, MSNL, TSSC,and more..Search for seedbank reviews using GC search function..The ones I mentioned are in the UK..True North in Canada is also good but pricey!!
  8. so oregon seeds, domestic us, they take mo and cash
  9. Can't go wrong with The Vault.

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  10. Never tried them since they stopped taking CCs..No excuses anymore, as they are quickly joining the minority..Too many other good choices out there that do take em..
    Always wondered why Jack pushes Bitcoin so hard;)
  11. Taxes if I had to guess.

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  12. Maybe so, (you mean the 3% chg?). I would gladly pay the 3% myself, or he could raise the prices 3% and then give a 3% discount for Bitcoin, cash etc..yes?;)
  13. Income tax is what I'm talking about. That's more like 35-45% in the UK if I had to guess... Now I'll go look it up.

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  14. Here it is, 20-45%[​IMG]

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  15. Unless you're one of the lucky beginners who can grow perfect plants from start to finish with no problems, I would suggest starting with photos. Any slowdown in growth will greatly effect your yield with an auto - they're for experienced growers. Good luck.
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  16. Yea but they aren't for a beginner

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    takes credit cards and disguises packages

    and take the advice about the autos, i didn't and look how one of them turned out my first grow they stunt so easily [​IMG]
    even my second grow sucked [​IMG]
    i finally decided to scrap the autos. if you don't know what you're doing, grow photos. not worth the time.
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  18. The Vault, Seedsman, Sweet seeds, Nirvana. No Autos on your first run like mentioned. You want to have control of your plants and when to flip to flower IMO.
    Good Luck!

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