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  1. Good Day all,

    Does anyone know if seedsforme.com or platinumseedbank.com/ are valid vendors? Have you purchased from them and recieved your seeds? Any info on either is appreciated

    I haven’t been able to find many reviews of either site. I have not shopped with either and typically stick with Seedsman or GYO, but neither have the stains I’m seeking.

    I’m looking for some quality “in-house genetics” seeds. I want to use a CC and not some sketchy payment type. I live in the US in a legal state in case you’re wondering.

  2. I have never heared of seedsforme but platinum is very reputable and one of the best seedbanks that stock boutique style breeders like in house.. platinum is a direct from breeder seedbank meaning they receive their seeds directly from the breeders that breed them..
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  3. As a heads up though, platinum is definately a great seedbank and is in houses verified vendor list but Neptune seedbank is in houses main vendor that gets a lot of their one off or exclusive to Neptune strains...
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