legit way to smoke stems?

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  1. Grinding up your stems and vaping them is a really good way to get high when you're out of bud, my friends and I ran a hotbox vaporizer through a delta nine tube and its extremely smooth and we're high as fuck. The high is actually a little different, more sedative, very relaxing with no paranoia.
  2. haha smoking stems is absolutely ridiculous
  3. haha ridiculous how? It's a vaporizer, so it only burns the thc
  4. I just grind them with the rest of the bud :p
  5. ^ makes bud taste gross lol...

    but in a vape i wuld do it lol.. for sure soudns like it would work
  6. i grind up my stems and vape it too. It works but I never had a full pack with just stems so I can't say how much different the high is. You can also grind them up and save them for making brownies!
  7. I grinded up some and put them in my bowl. Took like 3 bowls but got the job done. Ps smoking stems taste like shit!!!!
  8. just grind it up and smoke the kief
  9. taste and smell like straight up nastyness...like smoking an anus
  10. Im like the native indians when it comes to dank, none of it goes unsmoked. (unless luck is upon me and I get a seed, then I grow that)

    I just break the (barely any) stems up with the weed in the bowl, no "legit" way to smoke 'em.
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    no matter how you smoke stems, they will have been legitly smoked,h
    so long as the smoke of fiery plant has been taken into someone's lungs
  12. My rule of thumb when it comes to stems is this, if it had bud touching it, save it and smoke it later, the little stems inside buds are generally covered in crystals and throwing them out would be a waste of good THC
  13. silly stoner, stems are for hash and butter!

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