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Legit Seed Banks With Discreet US Shipping?

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by laneyfacexoxo, Feb 16, 2014.

  1. Hi all!
    I was wondering if anyone knew os any legit seed banks that delivery to (preferably that are within) the U.S.? I'm looking at Crop King Seeds, and Bonza Seeds at the second as well as a bunch that were suggested on Mister Green.
    Thanks in advanced!
    Laney [:

  2. Are you in a state with legal MJ?  If not, finding a place in the US that will ship to you might be tricky.
    From outside the US I can personally reccomend marijuana-seeds.nl  Unfortunately you'll have to do a wire transfer or money order as they don't curently take any credit cards. (prepaid or otherwise)  Regular sleath shipping is $9.95 and guaranteed stealth shipping (one resend if stopped) is $15.95 I think.  plus they have a decent free seeds offer with every order.
    I picked up 10 THC Bomb Reg., 10 Thai Stick Reg. and 10 White Rhino Reg. for $98.81 and got 5 Sensi Kush + 3 Northern Storm Auto Fem's free.
  3. Attitude seeds and seedsman. Never had any problems so far. Don't order to where you grow.

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  4. Some places use to hide your order within something. AND SIMPLY just opening the package and inspecting it.. the seeds could be easily found. Basically broke down to whether or not the package was opened and inspected, if it wasnt...100% fine..if it was opened...Good night.
    Im not sure of current methods, this was in the past ^^^ from what I typed above, but some people are straight amateurs.
  5. Attitude
  6. Herbies

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  7. Mandela seeds out of Spain , very stealthy and reasonable shipping coming form somewhere that is not a popular MJ seed shipper,  may slip by inspectors without as much attn. Also they have some interesting easy to grow strains. Customer service 2nd to none.... 
  8. Attitude has been having there shipments seized for months..so has nirvana...seedsman is legit. Ordered over 300 worth twice in one month no problems

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  9. Another thumbs up for "Attitude". Never a problem, always been pretty fast delivery.
  10. I use tssc (www.world-wide-marijuana-seeds.com) they give me free seeds every time and I ALWAYS get my order in 4 days. They don't use dumb stuff that gets flagged at customs. It goes right thru.

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  11. Herbies All The Way!! 
    I had two back to back problems with Attitude all of a sudden. 
    Herbies just got it through no problem.
  12. **I second this**.. although, upon researching, they're not currently taking orders.. sadly. I ordered twice from " Mandela " and not only did I receive super swift, uncannily stealthy shipping to the US both times.. all seeds in both shipments germinated with no problem.
    I opened their website the beginning of Feb. only to find notice that they were not taking orders at this time.
    As such.. I choose another company, from Spain also.. I read reviews, policys, including their supposed "Super discreet, stealth" etc., unfortunately, for me.. all sounded as secure as possible and I placed an order.. over $250.00 US.
     Yesterday I received much awaited padded envelope..   to find the only content inside was the dreaded "Mail Interception Notice".. "A piece of paper".. nothing else. At this point, I'm not going to fling out the company name, as they obviously  did not in any way use a stealth shipping method, as they so blatantly claim in their shipping description.. it appears that my order was not removed from the breeders packing, it appears they in no way what so ever made any attempt to ship my order discreet / stealth.
    I have sent an email with photos of the envelope and "Mail Interception Notice" along with a fairly kind correspondence.
    We shall see what happens next..
    I am fully aware of the risk involved shipping to the US.   This isn't what upsets me. Its the fact of the careless shipping method, as described above. As, I have had no problems up to this year with prior companies that shipped their product as they descibed.
    I will keep you informed. As I would not want others to be subject to this same fate..
    Expect to see update no later than mid-week.. March 18..
    Til then..
  13. pretty sure I know who you used  , I used O* seed they did not use anything but a bit of ragged bubble wrap , still in breeder packs and when I recieved the package it was almost open. I was thinking oh s***.....I opened it and it was all there perfect , I am not in a legal state so maybe that makes a difference....
    Mandelas stealth packaging was simple and brilliant my guess is an xray machine would have trouble  detecting  seeds I have  clones  of  the best of my BTB, it is awsome smoke and grows like a weed ... LOL
  14. If you just want some decent seeds check out natures sweet nothings. I ordered from Shay several times, she has decent genetics and the price is amazing. I live on the east coast and received my each time in about a week from the west coast.
  15. Hahaha..
    Yes, you guessed correctly.. emailed them three times now, guess what.. "No Response", doesn't surprise me..  a Seedbank that ships as such, I guess I didn't really expect a response.    Yes, you certainly lucked out.. One could hardly notice the razor slit at the bottom of the small manila bubble envelope, as it was re-taped. However, they surely DID NOT even attempt a stealth shipping method.. Of this, I'm sure..    Least they should have enough nuts to acknowledge their error.. an email of some sort, would be kind.. just saying..
    Oh well,.. got my seeds someplace very fast, very, very sly and stealthy.. too bad I didn't find them first. So, Im satisfied..
    If Mandela had been accepting orders.. this would never have happened.. blah.. 
  16. Eh, guaranteed shipping avoids all these problems. Seeds at the post office are treated no differently than seeds found on the floor of your car, it's a minor, local possession issue and the feds simply won't deal with that.
    Attitude no longer does business with my bank, went to herbies instead. Very pleased so far, got my order within a week (east coast).
  17. I guess you could dispute with  the credit card co ..... That will get their attn pretty sure they want you to just go away ...., dont know if I have balls that big LOL
  18. Vault seeds mate best there is

    Use loki10 or chef10 to save 10% trust me the vault are epic seed bank any issues jack is on gc so you can contact him hes very helpful.

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