Legit Seed Banks Shipping to Australia

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by TheAussieGrower, Apr 7, 2011.

  1. Bumping, good idea for a thread mate.
    I might just try some new banks.
  2. I'm not Australian, however, I do utilize *many* seedbanks. For some reason, even tho it's mail address is Ireland UK, I associate Planet Skunk with Australia,

    maybe cuz they had an Aussie forum or something or I got Australian cannabis genetics from this bank. But since they take AU dollars for payment, they probably ship there.

    Like I said, I use lots, but have successfully received product from that seedbank.
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  3. second pack of seeds received today from EDIT this time

    that would be http://www.everybodydoesit.com

    10x KC Brains Crystal Limit
    10x KC Brains Danky Doodle
    no freebies

    sent stealth and obviously it got through

    i'll keep updating as new orders come through but these two so far should be added to the list at the top
  4. Attitude Seed Bank would be the only online site I would order with now.

    Constantly fresh stock, never missed a beat shipping to Aus.

    RDG ordering direct are spot on too.
  5. You can also add to the list mjseeds canada. They deliver worldwide and also has good line up of strains :)
  6. I've had success with Bonza Seeds. Stealth shipping and got through fine.
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  7. I've germinated hundreds of seeds but the seeds I got from bonza seeds were all empty..

    No life in them at all!!

    They never responded to any of my emails

    Very low quality seeds, stay away unless you like to gamble your hard earned money
  8. If you live in Australia, a good way to avoid leaving a paper trail is by paying for your seeds via one of those pre-paid visa cards you get from Woolworths or Coles. Make sure you use cash when putting an amount on the card. This way if the seeds get snatched at customs, they have no proof that you bought them. Another thing, put your shipping address as one of those little Australia Post offices where you can pick up late parcels. Only bad thing with that is you will need to use your real name, as they require I.D when giving out parcels.
  9. How do u pay them? Debit card dont work
  10. How do you pay?
    Credit card or whatever?
  11. They not excepting any card anymore they said
  12. I ended up going to gyo. It took 7days
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    Bonza Seeds?

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