Legit Mflb On Ebay?

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  1. So I'm looking at eBay for a MFLB, I've seen legit auctions and ones that seem fishy? The ones I'm not so sure about all say new, 2013 model and all, but the picture of the battery charger shows a Sanyo brand, not one with the MFLB logo. Could those auctions be for knock offs?
  3. Shit is too FFFFAAAAAAKKKKKEEEEEE, but you just gotta see if it says there is a serial number on the back that is intact, which is why many cheap ones are the ones with sanded serial numbers so they are not covered under warranty. Or if has no serial all it iss most likely Fake. Unless I am totally wrong the above statement should be right.
  4. I got my mflb from eBay.
    Everything was legit i got my box 3 days after ordering.....just be sure to look at the feedback..make sure they have a good track record over a long period of time and
    I think you should be fine.....careful for scammers though....if it looks too good to be true then it probably is....I paid 80 shipped for mine with 4 batteries.....there are many ebay vendors with deals like this.....try and go for one that has free shipping as well.........again just be sure to check feedback and comments.

    Also the mflb charger should have the Mflb Glyph on it.....if it doesn't and it says Sanyo then that is definitely not right......everything will have the glyph on it,the batteries,battery caps,battery charger,and even the little wooden brush all have the little symbol on it.....make sure it says New In Box in the description.
  5. I bought my MFLB on eBay for 80$ and received a different charger, but the original batteries. I am not sure why though but it came with a serial number and everything and I even went as far to confirm it with the company by sending the the serial number and they confirmed it was authentic. But I seriously would not recommend the MFLB you'll be disappointed by it.. IMO.
    I didn't like the MFLB either but there's no way that I could ever predict if the OP would like it or not.    Too many other people like it for me to possibly ever make that kind of prediction.
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    The key with the mflb is technique....at first when I got my box I was like what the hell did I waste my money on.....at that point I was taking long slow drags an holding it in.....this only made
    Me cough and barely got me high.

    After about a week of use I tried the micro hit technique and it has been a world of difference ever since.
    Now it gets me high as hell with very little bud and I have a pretty high tolerance at about 2 gs a day.

    I still use my glass alot of the time but whenever I want that vape high my mflb is my first choice...
    I also have an arizer extreme q and IMO my mflb produces a much stronger high.

    I use my mflb daily and it's great for a wake n bake.
  8. another indicator is if they show the back of the box , since that's where the serial is.
  10. I have a bunch of these knock offs but they work just as good as my boys authentic unit and technique is crucial , at first I was like WTF then got my technique down I been vaped 24/7 ever since and off .5 a gram lol

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